NASA Conference: Discovery Of Alien Life On Mars

NASA will hold a press conference to release two important details recently discovered by the Curiosity Rover. It is currently unclear as to what the new information could be, but suggestions indicate it could be the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The NASA Mars conference will be broadcast live from the United States at 2 pm (EDT). A lot of UFO hunters and alien believers will be closely watching the broadcast.

In just under an hour, NASA will give a conference about the possible existence of alien life on Mars.

Of course, it could be about anything else. From a new landing zone for the upcoming Mars missions to new minerals on the planet. Obviously, for now, the details are under confidential keeping.

However, there is circling suspicion around the alien news community that they may reveal the existence of extraterrestrial life. Although the reveal of aliens on Mars may not be like we imagine – in Hollywood films – the reveal of microorganisms on the planet would still be proof of extraterrestrials on the Red Planet.

NASA conference

Could the NASA conference be about alien life on Mars?

Joe White is a UFO hunter and believes this is what the news conference will be about. On the other hand, he does not think that NASA will reveal the full details on alien life.

The NASA Curiosity Rover has been doing a number of drill samples of the Martian world, and Mr. White believes some of these samples may have an indication of small extraterrestrial life.

Mr. White owns YouTube conspiracy channel ArtAlienTV and does not think NASA will speak about the compelling evidence of intelligent life on the planet.

Mars Rover images

The image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover. The whole was made by the Rover’s drill for a sample of the ground.

There is a conspiracy that NASA are covering up the existence of life on Mars. Certain photographs seem to suggest there may have been intelligent beings on our neighboring planet thousands of years ago.

Extraterrestrial News

In the past we have written about the most compelling evidence of life on Mars, see the links below for more details;

So, with the upcoming NASA conference, could the proof of extraterrestrials finally be confirmed in aliens news?

We will be sure to bring you the full details of the conference once it has concluded.


Extraterrestrial Life On Venus

From Mars to Venus, there has been speculation that the closest planet to Earth may have indications of aliens.

Recent research suggests there is a chance that alien life could thrive within the ‘Dark Patches’ on the Venus surface. However, there is still much mystery behind the Venus dark patches.

With the breakthrough of liquid water beneath the surface of Mars, the quest for the discovery of aliens may be right in our own neighborhood!

Venus Dark Spots

Could alien life exist within the Dark Spots on Venus? Image credit: TheSpaceReporter.

Venus is the closest planet to Earth, but also a lot closer to our sun. This has led the planet to have a staggering temperature of 864 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to melt lead. However, the structure of the second closest planet to the sun is similar to that of Earth. Venus has mountain ranges, volcanoes, and valleys.

So, whilst on the face of things Venus seems like a planet uninhabitable, it is not what it seems.

Between the years 1962 and 1978, probes from both America and Russia were sent to Venus in order to gather greater detail. It was discovered that in some areas of the hot planet are pressure conditions and temperatures which would help life develop.

More Aliens News

On top of this extraordinary piece of information, astronomer Carl Sagan and bioscientist Harold Morowitz noted something rather interesting. They gathered data that showed there was a lot of carbon dioxide and sunlight within the clouds of Venus to make the possibility of alien life existing very likely. As we know, carbon dioxide and sunlight are just two key factors in the development of life.

For more details on the possible existence of aliens on Venus, click here.

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