NASA Discovers Building Block To Life On Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been driving around the surface of Mars for four years collecting organic samples. During the NASA Mars conference yesterday, it was revealed that ancient organic molecules have been discovered!

Could this be an indication that ancient extraterrestrial life once existed on Mars?

During NASA’s live Mars conference to the world about important details, they have discovered since the Curiosity first landed on Mars in 2012. It is hoped that the new discovery of ancient alien organics can help humankind better understand the planet.

Organics are molecules which contain carbon and are the essential building blocks for all life on Earth. This new discovery of organic molecules found within ground that is billions of years old will help scientists understand the earliest years of our neighboring planet.

Usually, these carbon molecules are destroyed due to the intense atmosphere of the planet but have been securely preserved within the bedrock on Mars.

curiosity rover

The NASA Curiosity Rover takes a photo of itself on the Martian surface.

Although this isn’t the reveal of extraterrestrial life on Mars as some UFO hunters had originally thought, it does give an indicator to ancient life on the Red Planet. It suggests basic life may have existed hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

See NASA’s ancient organics discovered on Mars video below:

Extraterrestrial Organics Discovered on Mars

It seems that the indications of discovering further ancient alien life on the planet are high. Future missions will concentrate on finding the most basic elements that can construct intelligent beings.

Some organic molecules even included hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen – all essential ingredients for the development of life. One of the samples of sediment came from a dried up lake, which points to water being on the surface of Mars millions of years ago.

Furthermore, the NASA Mars Conference also released details about Mars’ weather. It seems that there are seasonal changes in the weather, similar to Earth.

The US Space Agency will continue their missions to discover ancient extraterrestrial life.

Ancient Organics

Ancient Organics discovered on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

For a long time, there has been a conspiracy that Mars is home to an alien race and that NASA covers it up. Many images and videos point to extraterrestrial life on the planet, but nothing definite can categorically state these claims.

Despite the conspiracy theory in many aliens news stories of aliens on Mars, there is no evidence. So far we only have evidence to suggest life may have existed hundreds to thousands of years ago.


Extraterrestrial Life On Venus

Moving from the NASA Mars conference to the closest planet to Earth – Venus. There are indications of extraterrestrials living within the dark spots on the planet.

Even though there is still a lot of mystery behind the dark spots on Venus, research suggests life thrives within those areas.

Venus Dark Spots

Could alien life exist within the Dark Spots on Venus?

Because Venus is a lot closer to the Sun than our own planet, temperatures sore to a staggering 864 degrees Fahrenheit. This usually puts people off from thinking aliens could live here, but there is more than meets the eye.

American and Russian probes sent to the planet in the early 60’s and late ’70s discovered areas of the planet favor life-giving elements.

Recent Alien News

Further indications of life on Venus came from astronomer Carl Segan. He suggested bacterial life may thrive within the clouds of Venus.

So, for further details about Life On Venus click here.

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