NASA Images Of The Sun Show Anomaly

A spacecraft the size of Earth was spotted in NASA images of the Sun and some people are convinced of its alien origins.

Alien conspiracy theorists believe the craft is using the star to recharge.

The images were captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) camera. The photos, which display a cube-like object, were then spotted by Scott C. Waring, a well-known believer in aliens.

Mr. Waring theorizes that the energy from the top of the craft is the withdrawal of solar energy from the sun. The space object in question is yellow in color.

On a larger scale, the object captured in the NASA images of the sun is roughly the size of our own planet.

As of yet, NASA has not made a statement to explain the anomaly. Due to this, many other UFO news outlets have started labeling it an alien discovery. So far, it is unclear if other observatories have spotted the object.

Alien spacecraft’s at the Sun have been reported in other UFO news stories.

UFO by the Sun

NASA images of the sun display an anomaly. Image credit.

UFO Recharges At The Sun

The above image displays the anomaly in the NASA images.  As of yet, it is unclear what the object is.

We are certain that it is not a solar flare. Solar flare’s give off a much different appearance than what is displayed in the photograph. Skeptics have reasoned that it is Mercury but just in the distance. However, this would not explain the mass of energy and cube-shape to the object under closer inspection.

Cutting out two of the most natural explanations means conspiracy theorists have jumped on the bandwagon.

The likes of Mr. Waring and many others are convinced it is a UFO recharging at the sun.

This wouldn’t be the first claims of UFOs around the sun.

ufo sun

A NASA images showing an anomaly in close proximity to the Sun. Sourced.

The closer you look at the image the more you ponder what it is. Is this proof of alien life? Have NASA released footage of an alien spaceship recharging at the Sun?

In early September of this year, the FBI mysteriously closed the National Solar Observatory (NSO).  As a result, this prompted huge suspicion and conspiracy theories.

Many people believed the NSO had photographed UFOs.

Shortly after, images appeared online that seemed to show an armada of spacecraft around the star. In turn, this made many people ask “Is this why the FBI closed the observatory?

Gina M. Hill posted the photographs on her Facebook. Many flogged to her social media page to get a glimpse at what she was saying. She posted numerous images and videos that she described as a vast array of alien spaceships around the sun.

Furthermore, a guy walked around the evacuated NSO to find it was completely abandoned. Something peculiar was going on. However, the FBI remained tight-lipped.


Mysterious UFOs burst out of the sun.

Although, after a couple of weeks waiting the FBI finally released a statement about their actions. They were pursuing a criminal case in the area.

Many other Earth-Sized UFOs were spotted around the Sun.

In October of this year, the Daily Express wrote an article on an Earth-size UFO hovering around our star. YouTube accounts even published videos on the topic. Although, nothing has since come out about the possibilities.

All in all, the official release of NASA images are more compelling. It may well be nothing. It may be an alien UFO. Until NASA release an official statement, anything is possible.

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