NASA Investigate 10,000 Year Old Ancient Alien Cave Painting

NASA will investigate a 10,000-year-old cave painting of UFO’s and aliens. NASA news could shock the world!

The strange rock painting, discovered in Charama, India, displays humanoid figures. Some conspiracy theorists believe the paintings depict extraterrestrials.

Local government officials of the area have reached out to the US NASA agency for help on trying to understand the drawings.

A number of strange alien-like cave paintings have been discovered in the area.

JR Bhagat, a local archaeologist says it is still unclear what the cave drawings depict.

Alien Cave Paintings

He presumes that our ancient ancestors might have witnessed or imagined interplanetary beings. Many people around the world believe this theory.

Bhagat says that further investigation on the UFO cave paintings needs to be done. And that they contacted NASA to help with the research.

Some of the images depict beings that are missing a mouth and a nose. Whilst some appear to have a “space suit” appearance to them.

Skeptics disagree that this is proof of the ancient alien theory and say the missing mouths and noses could have faded away over time. However, if this was to be the case, the rest of the paintings would have disappeared due to time as well.

As they have been painted with natural colors, the effect of time and corrosion has not made them dissipate.

The possibility of the human imagination cannot be thrown out the window altogether, but a lot of the time, ancient civilizations of the past drew what they could see.


UFO cave painting

The local officials contacted NASA in order to receive help in understanding the mystery behind the alien images.

UFO cave paintings

Alien news: UFO cave paintings. Image credit: the positive media.

The theory behind the ancient aliens is that our ancestors of the past were visited by an extraterrestrial race that helped learn, understand, and build magnificent monuments such as the Egyptian pyramids.

One main reason why such a theory has arisen is the question as to how a primitive civilization managed to build such everlasting monuments without the use of modern-day technology.

Claims of aliens and UFO’s on caves, rocks and in paintings stem back thousands of years.

Many say that there is evidence in every ancient civilization of alien visitors to our earth.

On the other hand, one argument against the ancient alien theory is that mythical creatures like dragons are also found throughout the world. But this does not mean they existed.

But could this be a breakthrough? Can NASA help solve this mystery once and for all?

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The elongated skulls found in Peru, which many people believe to be the remains of an alien life form, have been researched and the results are shocking! Could this be proof of aliens on earth?

alien skulls

Alien news: DNA test results on alien skulls revealed!

The Paracas skulls, which were discovered in the desert of Paracas by native Peruvian Julio Tello in 1928, have been at the forefront of alien news discussions ever since their discovery.

Since the discovery of the magnificent skulls, academics still discuss the true origins of the skulls.

However, after experts carried out more extensive DNA testing, researcher Brien Foerester concluded that the origin of the Paracas alien skulls come from mankind.

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