New Shocking NASA Photos Of Mars

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NASA has recently released 2,540 incredible photos of Mars. The images of the alien planet paint a very different picture than the red barren world we currently believe.

New NASA photos of Mars show minerals under the ground surface and may indicate that water is present!

NASA liquid water Mars

NASA released new images of Mars. Image credit.

The new images paint a very different picture of the Red Planet and show the subtle soil color differences are very intriguing.

For more than 10 years, the HiRISE NASA camera has been taking incredibly detailed images of the alien world. It is incredibly fascinating to have a better look at our neighboring planet, a world that many speculate was or still is home to extraterrestrials.

Also, the high-tech cameras onboard the Curiosity Rover, which is currently on the surface of Mars, is able to pick up and detect minerals embedded within the ground surface. This helps us understand the elements that make up the alien work. On top of this, it gives us an overall better understanding of the extraterrestrial surface.

By the year 2020, NASA hopes to send another rover mission to Mars.

The below extraterrestrial photos are sourced from the NASA website.

Images from an alien world

Mars photos

NASA news images of Mars.

This false-color image illustrates how the Curiosity Rover’s special filters can detect minerals within the Martian rocks and soil.

NASA Mars pics

NASA’s new images of Mars.

Above is an image of layers of dark material on Olympus Mons.


Squiggle lines in Hellas Planitia.

The Martian extraterrestrial world is full of sand dunes.

Mars Rover images

The image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Without proper description, this could look like a burrow of an alien animal on Mars. However, this hole was created by a drilling technique from the Curiosity Rover.

Mars NASA photos

The Moving Sands of Lobo Vallis.

These bright rippled lines were formed in a previous climate on the Martian world.

Water on Mars

A large chasm. Image sourced from ScienceArticle.

NASA 2020 Mars

NASA may use this as a location for landing when they go to Mars in 2020.

NASA is thinking of using this location as a landing zone for the next rover missions in 2020. This event, to venture to an extraterrestrial world will be covered by many alien news outlets.

Further NASA images of Mars can be found on the official website. The link to which is at the start of this aliens news article.

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UFO News

In recent UFO news, NASA’s Curiosity Rover may have accidentally captured a picture of a flying UFO!

This recent image, which is quickly becoming a topic of discussion among UFO news outlets, seems to indicate NASA is covering up the existence of alien life.

The footage, which was captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, shows a black and white landscape of the Martian world but with something ‘flying’ in the distance.


UFO news: NASA UFO image indicated life on Mars.

Before and after images of photos taken from the same camera do not have this mark on them, so it cannot be dirt on the lens.

Many argue that it is a Martian bird and that NASA is covering up the existence of life on Mars. Others believe that it is an alien UFO capable of space flight. However, it could also plausibly be debris blown up into the Martian atmosphere.

Extraterrestrial News

Of course, as far as we are aware, life is not able to be sustained on the barren red planet due to its weakened atmosphere. However, could this image indicate that everything we have been told about life on other planets is a lie?

Either way, this UFO sighting captured by NASA themselves needs to be answered.

For more information on this UFO news story, click here.

NASA Mars Photos

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