NASA Scientist Says Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth

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A research paper published by a NASA scientist proposes that aliens may have already visited Earth.

Silvano P Colombano, a NASA employee at Ames Research Centre, believes extraterrestrials could look completely different from our own presumptions. Aliens may not thrive on carbon-based life as we assume.

Colombano points out that intelligent alien life may even be beyond our own comprehension. We have assumed that extraterrestrial life forms must follow similar evolutionary processes that we have. However, that may not always be the case.

alien life form

We presume alien life could only survive if it was carbon-based. Image credit: UFO International Project.

Colombano’s paper actually invokes two theories about aliens on Earth.

  1. The first is the Ancient Alien theory. This theory postulates that extraterrestrials visited our planet in the distant past and interacted with our ancestors. As a consequence of this, early humans viewed the aliens as Gods.
  2. The second involves a kind of reverse pareidolia. Pareidolia is the process of recognizing familiar things in not so familiar places – the face of God in your coffee, a dog in the clouds, pyramids on Mars. Reverse pareidolia is looking so hard to find something that is familiar to us – like extraterrestrial life (Grey aliens, Reptilians, etc) – that we do not even notice aspects that are completely unlike anything we have witnessed before. This proposes that instead of seeing evidence where there is none, we are not seeing the evidence where there is some.

Colombano believes that scientist must revisit their assumptions of life beyond this world. Furthermore, we must open our minds to the possibility that interstellar travel is possible for aliens.

Alien Life

The size of the ‘explorer’ might be that of an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity,” Colombano hypothesized. Intelligent alien life may be microscopic. It may be interdimensional. Therefore, we must adopt a new way of thinking about life outside of this planet.

We must seriously re-consider what an alien form would look like if we are to continue the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). However, this may be a bit of a push for us. This is because our own technological advanced only truly came about within the past 500 years. Trying to predict an evolutionary process that we have yet to reach is difficult.

aliens visit earth

Could aliens have visited Earth in the past? Image sourced: The Michael Teachings.

The UFO phenomenon has largely been overlooked by the general public. Discredited stories of strange objects and crackpot tales of aliens have seriously damaged the credibility of this phenomenon. As such, the scientific community tends to distance themselves from anything UFO news related.

However, quite recently the Pentagon admitted to UFO investigations. This is a huge step forward to uncovering the truth behind the mysterious objects.

Colombano’s research paper, which makes part of SETI’s Decoding Alien Intelligence workshop, concluded that more effort is required. We must open our minds to the possibility of space-time and energy. As well as the possible diversity of life outside of our atmosphere.


Aliens On Earth

The Ancient Aliens theory speculates that our ancient ancestors confused Gods as aliens on Earth. These extraterrestrial visitors aided in the growth and development of mankind – both spiritually and intellectually.

This theory suggests that aliens helped build Machu Picchu and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. But, most people put this down as crazy and impossible. Instead, they insist that our ancestors constructed these marvelous Ancient Wonders of the World. But, with a NASA scientist stating the reality of this possibility is true, could more people take notice?

Machu Picchu

The Ancient Aliens theory suggests that aliens constructed the Ancient Wonders of the World like Machu Picchu. Image credit from Irish Times.

Proof Aliens Built The Egyptian Pyramids

The way in which many of the ancient wonders were constructed defies construction knowledge at the time. Even today we would have a hard time rebuilding some of these ancient monuments. So, how exactly did a less advanced civilization manage to accomplish such a feat?

Many people attribute and give credit to aliens.

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