NASA’s 2019 Space Missions

During today’s NASA conference, the space agency revealed the names of nine astronauts that will be on flights into space next year.

The systems for the NASA space rockets have been developed – and will be controlled by – the SpaceX and Boeing organizations. Moreover, the majority of the NASA named astronauts have already had orbital experience of the earth. On top of this, the commander and pilot of the last space mission in 2011 are included.

The astronauts were announced at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, by Jim Bridenstine, a NASA administrator.

NASA 2019 astronauts

The NASA 2019 astronauts that will venture into space next year.

So, with this NASA announcement maybe we are taking a step forward to discovering extraterrestrial life. Since NASA has upcoming missions to Mars, there is the ever growing feeling that an extraterrestrial civilization or alien civilizations will be announced in alien news outlets.

The nine NASA astronauts to take the first test flights are:

  • Bob Behnken
  • Doug Hurley
  • Eric Boe
  • Chris Ferguson
  • Nicole Mann
  • Suni Williams
  • Josh Cassada
  • Victor Glover
  • Mike Hopkins

Behnken and Hurley will be in command of the test flights and possible future NASA missions. Chris Ferguson, Nicole Mann, Josh Cassada, and Suni Williams are part of the Boeing team, whereas Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins make up part of the SpaceX team.

NASA Astronauts

NASA’s nine new astronauts for the test flights and upcoming missions. Image credit: BBC.

This new breed of NASA astronauts will be the first to man space vehicles that are owned by commercial businesses.

NASA has split the astronauts into four groups for their out-of-this-world experience.

Boeing Starliner Test Flight

The Boeing Starliner Test Flight will consist of three individuals:

  1. Eric Boe
  2. Chris Ferguson
  3. Nicole Mann

This will be Mann’s first trip into space.

Starliner First Mission

The Starliner First Mission will involve two NASA trained astronauts:

  1. Josh Cassada
  2. Sunita Williams

Furthermore, like Mann, this will be Josh Cassada’s first venture into outer space.

SpaceX Dragon Test Flight and Mission

Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will be the ones to do the test flighting for the upcoming SpaceX Dragon mission. Whilst it will be Victor Glover, another newbie into space, and Michael Hopkins who will take part in the SpaceX Dragon First Mission.

NASA capsules

Next year NASA will send astronauts into space from US soil. The image was sourced from BBC.

Many conspiracy theorists hope this will be a breakthrough in unearthing the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

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