How NASA’s Golden Record Might Confuse Alien Life

Recent research may suggest that an extraterrestrial race will be confused by the Golden Record sent out by NASA in 1977.

The data implemented on the record could be interpreted by an alien race as a civilization who is hostile and loves to argue.

NASA launched the Golden Record into space as a friendly guide to extraterrestrials for where they can find our race. However, new thinking into the details recorded in the 1970s could portray a completely different message altogether.

Instead of providing aliens with a peaceful and intelligent message from humanity, it may show that humans love to argue in a variety of dialects with no grammatical structure. On top of this, the record contains sounds that could be so alien to extraterrestrial life it might be frightening.

Copies of the Golden Record are on board each Voyager probe.

golden record

NASA’s Golden Record. Left: The front of the record. Right: the back of the record. Sourced from: GeekyTyrant.

Rebecca Orchard and Sheri Wells-Jensen from the Bowling Green State University in Ohio will prevent their research findings tomorrow (02/06/2018) at the National Space Society meeting. They state that the animal sounds, human greetings in 55 different languages, and the array of Earth music could be anti-human and off-putting.

See details on the Golden Record in the video below:

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Orchard said that she thinks the NASA Gold Record is a beautiful manmade artifact but was designed to be interpreted by intelligent life with sensory capabilities similar to our own. She goes on to say that if one of the sensories is absent or completely different to humans, then the message on the record could be confusing for alien life.

Both Orchard and Wells-Jensen sat down and went through the information on the record. They had to think how an alien civilization with different sensors would receive the message. Both of them came to the conclusion that the pile-up of greetings could be seen as arguing. Furthermore, it may come across as one language with no grammar structure. Bearing in mind, it is possible they might not even be able to hear our pitch frequency.

The golden platted 12-inch disc has sound on one side and images on the other. The researchers went on to say that this may cause further confusion. If an extraterrestrial race was to try and match the images to the sounds, it may paint a completely different reality.

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One of the most confusing aspects for aliens might be the range of human music. Although we are comfortable and understand our own sound, an extraterrestrial civilization will be completely unfamiliar with the noise we make. It is difficult to say how an alien will interpret a range of music styles and genres.

Voyager 1 Golden Record

The golden record is currently traveling through space on Voyager 1. Image credit: CollectSpace.

However, we may not have to worry about confusing aliens for a while. Although the record is currently traveling through space on Voyager 1, it is still 40,000 years away from the nearest star system.

Since its launch in 1977, Voyager 1 is the furthest manmade object traveling in space. It is an incredible 12 billion miles away from Earth.

For the time being, it is impossible to imagine how an alien race will view us. We can only theorize at what impression we make on extraterrestrials. But, with all this in mind, maybe the fact we have evolved to a level of intelligence to do such things is the only impression we need to make.

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