Maya Codex That Predicts Movement Of Extraterrestrial Body

Fifty-four years ago a 1,000-year-old Maya codex that predicted extraterrestrial events was stolen. Now it has been rediscovered!

Experts have examined and authenticated the Maya text as real. It tells the story of an event out of this world.

Thieves sold the ancient artifact over 50 years ago. However, it has recently reemerged in the architectural world. Mexican scholars analyzed the remaining 10 pages of the Maya codex to provide definitive authenticity.

Researchers estimated the ancient codex was created between 1021 and 1154 AD. Therefore, the oldest known Maya document.

Mexico Maya Codex

This undated photo released by Mexico’s National Anthropology and History Institute (INAH) shows an ancient Maya pictographic text that has been judged authentic by scholars in Mexico City. Source credit.

Scholars believed that this ancient document contained as many as 20 pages. However, some pages are missing.

Academic professionals will now refer to this ‘book’ as the Mexico Maya Codex.

Many believe that previous ancient Maya codices describe extraterrestrial visitations and alien life. This is known as the Ancient Aliens theory. Ancient Alien theorists point to many stories and occurrences in ancient times that indicate the presence of extraterrestrial life.

Could this newly discovered ancient codex be another piece in the jigsaw puzzle of our past?


The Mexico Maya Codex

The ancient Mayan people wrote using a variety of syllabic glyphs. Often the figure depicted represents a syllable or an idea.

Scholars have confirmed this ancient Maya codex tracks the observations and predictions of an extraterrestrial body.

Mexico Maya Text

Examination of the ancient text showed it was authentic to the Maya period. Image credit: DailyMail.

The ten pages of the document display observations and related predictions to the planet Venus.

After the theft, a Mexican collector bought the codex in 1964. The Grolier Club, New York, then exhibited it in 1971.

Three years later Mexican authorities received the artifact.

But, experts say the first 8 and last two pages of the Maya Codex are missing.

Of course, people doubted the authenticity of the ancient document. On top of this, the style of this particular set of Mayan texts is different from other ancient works.

Ancient Maya Text

The ten surviving pages of the Mexico Maya Codex.

Mexico Maya Text

The ten surviving pages of the Mexico Maya Codex.

However, the institute that examined the document stated that due to the very early creation of the text, it was crafted in a relatively poor era in comparison to other Mayan codices that appeared later on.

Chemical testing proved this Mayan text is authentic.

Finally, after decades of doubt, we have physical evidence of the oldest known Maya codex.


Ancient Maya

The culture of the ancient Mayan people is full of mystery and fascination.

Many of the books of the ancient Maya were destroyed during the Spanish Inquisition of the New World. This is obviously one of the main reasons why we know very little about the ancient people of this secretive culture. But, the text’s that did manage to survive the purge of Christian belief paint a very interesting picture of the ancient world.

Maya Temple

The ancient Maya temple/pyramid Chichen Itza. Sourced.

The ancient Maya people believed in a spiritual realm. Numerous powerful deities inhabited this other world.

Therefore, the Maya shamans acted as a sort of ‘gateway’ between the ancient people and the beings not of this world. Where the ancient Gods of Maya actually aliens?

Their knowledge of the solar system was far beyond what we had originally imagined. They were able to calculate the movements of the planets and create complex and accurate calendars.

Recent Alien News

The mythology of the ancient Mayan world speaks of strange interventions from seemingly extraterrestrial beings. Ancient Alien theorists point to these sorts of stories as proof of alien life in the distant past.

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Mexico Maya Codex

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