Pentagon Reports On U.S UFO Encounter


It has been confirmed that a UFO encounter between US jets and an unknown flying object did take place!

The Pentagon reported details of the encounter in a 13-page report on the matter. It has been stated that the object is of “no known aircraft or air vehicle” from this planet.

According to recent UFO news media outlets, the chiefs at the US defense commissioned a 13-page report on the details of a UFO encounter.

The UFO report speaks about an encounter that took place in November of 2004 when the USS Nimitz and its escorting aircraft came across a flying object of unknown origin. The UFO encounter took place off the coast of San Fransisco.

UFO sightings

Pentagon gives details on UFO encounter between US jets and unknown object. Sourced from: Geekwire.

A couple of months ago someone uploaded a UFO video. The footage displayed a UFO encounter between a strange flying object and U.S fighter jets.

In accordance with the Pentagon report, the UFO in the images was described as being 46 foot in length. It was also detailed to be “solid white” with a smooth surface and no edges.

The possible alien UFO was explained to have characteristics of flight not possible with our technology. Also detailed within the report, the U.S state that it was capable of;

  • “Advanced aerodynamic performance”
  • “Advanced propulsion”
  • Clocking device to turn invisible
  • Rendering radar devices useless

The UFO encounters between the alien craft and U.S jets became world-wide UFO news overnight. You can still see the UFO video below.

UFO videos

The Pentagon report nicknamed the flying object “Tic-Tac.”

The details of the paper paint a daunting image. It clearly states that the UFO is not of any known aircraft from this world. On top of this, the flying object is also able to submerge itself in our oceans and go undetected within the depths of our water.


UFO sightings

A couple of weeks ago we ran a UFO news story on the possible cover-up of this documentation. It was believed that secret documents proved a U.S UFO study in Nevada.

The U.S government released information that up until 2012 they conducted case studies on UFO sightings across the country. However, the Pentagon still had not released any reports or files on the matter, until now.


UFO News: Documents that prove the US studied UFO sightings across the states.

In October of 2017, Luis Elizondo, a former intelligence officer, released details that he was once in charge of a top-secret Pentagon project. This project studied UFO sighting cases. Two months later the name of the secret government project came out – Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Around the same time, someone uploaded two military classified UFO videos.

So now, many UFO investigators and alien conspiracy theorists are on a mission to gain access to the classified documents on supposed UFO vehicles.

Below is a video of Luis Elizondo explaining the Department of Defences UFO video release.

UFO video

For further detail on this UFO case study, click this link.

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