Proof Of Alien Life In Neil Armstrong Video


A Ufologist has staggeringly claimed that the proof of alien life can be witnessed in old video footage of Neil Armstrong.

For decades the theory that NASA astronauts were warned to get off the moon has been a topic of discussion in alien news outlets. But now, evidence of extraterrestrial beings may be real!

In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men to step foot on the surface of the moon. The famous “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” has echoed through history ever since.

However, in recent years the moon landing has been a discussion for many conspiracy theories. Some have claimed that the moon landing was hoaxed, whilst others hint at a more extraterrestrial conspiracy cover-up.

Even though NASA have denied such claims time and time again, UFO hunters are not convinced. Transcripts from a NASA meeting even seem to hint at extraterrestrial life living on the lunar surface.


Neil Armstrong on the moon. Image from YouTube.

Many people believe that the true reason NASA pulled the plug on missions to the moon was that of aliens. A lot of astronauts from the U.S space agency have come forward and spoken of aliens on the moon and a worldwide cover-up.

Reports state that during an interview, Armstrong made statements that the alien presence made themselves known to the astronauts and told them that they are not welcome.

It was incredible … of course, we had always known there was a possibility … the fact is, we were warned off.

Quotation from Neil Armstrong interview.

Aliens on the moon

The above video shows how uncomfortable Neil Armstrong was when talking about the moon landing. It has been suggested that his higher-ranking officials have told him to keep his mouth shut when questioned about what he saw on the moon.

Mr. Armstrong has even spoken about alien crafts and alien buildings on the moon.

So far no definitive proof has circled the alien’s news outlets to confirm this conspiracy.

Many videos and photos of aliens on the moon have popped up over the years. However, any real evidence would surely be kept in the tight grip of NASA.


Extraterrestrial UFO Sighting

Evidence of triangle UFO’s and alien crafts have long been disputed. To some, the idea of aliens in UFO’s seems ridiculous, but could these photo’s of UFO sightings on the moon prove to be true?

A dark triangular object was spotted moving across the surface of the moon. Although as of yet there is not an explanation for this bizarre occurrence, alien conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters are claiming it is an extraterrestrial UFO.

Triangle UFO Moon

Triangle UFO sightings new. UFO spotted on the moon.

Many UFO sightings have been reported on flying across or coming from the moon.

The above image which appears to show an unknown flying object was taken by an astronomer. So far he does not have an explanation for what he has captured.

Recent Alien News

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