Proof Of Life On Mars – Alien Skull Found


Images of a possible fossilized alien skull may indicate life once existed on the Red Planet. UFO hunters believe this is evidence of ancient aliens living on Mars.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover took the image that has surfaced in recent aliens news stories.

Joe White, a UFO hunter, found the image when scouring through countless photographs taken by NASA’s exploration robot.

Many are already saying that this is proof of extraterrestrial life beyond our world.

Alien life on mars

Is this a fossilized skull on the Martian surface? Image sourced from YouTube.

ArtAlienTV, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel, posted the video that displayed the bizarre appearance of a ‘rock’ shaped like a skull.

You can watch the alien video below:

Extraterrestrial life on Mars

In accordance with the video, the possible alien skull is a massive two feet, which if we keep human proportions in mind would make this being 15 foot tall.

Could this then be proof not only of an ancient alien but proof of giants too?

You can see clear humanoid-like features in the image – two socket holes for eyes, a jaw bone with teeth, and a decayed nose.

Extraterrestrial life on Mars

Evidence of Extraterrestrial life on Mars. Sourced: Express.

The alien video was uploaded last month and has since racked up more than 8,000 views.

Many comments on the footage congratulate the find and say this is evidence NASA is trying to cover up extraterrestrials from us.

However, a more logical explanation can be made for this discovery, which Mr. White briefly speaks about within the video.

This could be Pareidolia, a phenomenon whereby the brain plays a trick by wanting to see what it wants to see. The brain makes comparisons to things that resemble familiar objects. However, only a further extensive investigation will give us a definitive answer.

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Recent Alien News

More recently an image taken by NASA’s Rover sparked interest amongst the UFO news community as it appears to show an unknown flying object!

This recent image, which is quickly becoming a topic of discussion among UFO news outlets, seems to indicate NASA is covering up the existence of alien life.


UFO news: NASA UFO image indicated life on Mars.

ArtAlienTV, a YouTube conspiracy channel, uploaded video footage of the image which was allegedly taken on the 20th January 2018.

The footage, which was captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, shows a black and white landscape of the Martian world but with something ‘flying’ in the distance.

Many UFO hunters who have seen this UFO sightings image claim that the object is some sort of alien bird living on Mars.

Of course, as far as we are aware, life is not able to be sustained on the barren red planet due to its weakened atmosphere. However, could this image indicate that everything we have been told about life on other planets is a lie?

More UFO news

The author of the video states that this apparent UFO cannot be the cause of a dirty lens as previous images from the rover do not have this mark on them.

A lot of people have shared their opinion about this recent UFO news story. Some even claiming the image wasn’t taken on Mars! Certain UFO hunters believer NASA took this photo on Earth – suggesting that NASA hasn’t even made it to the Red Planet. However, this theory cannot be confirmed.

Other theories to explain the possible UFO are:

  • Debris from the ground
  • A meteor that is burning upon entry
  • An alien UFO captured by NASA’s own cameras

Many theories claim alien life exists on Mars. Some more imaginative than others. However, experts can easily debunk many images of aliens on Mars and UFO’s. Certain images, like this one, cannot be explained so easily.

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