Proof The Great Sphinx Is 800,000-Years-Old

How old is the Sphinx of Giza? Mainstream Egyptologists say that its construction dates back to around 2494 BC. This would make the Great Sphinx of Giza 4,512-years-old.

However, two scientists have pointed out geological evidence that proves the Great Sphinx of Egypt is actually 800,000-years-old!

Ancient Egypt is by far one of the most mysterious ancient civilizations of the world. The Ancient Egyptian culture is rich with many secrets.


This is an old Sphinx photo when they started to remove the Earth from around the body of the Sphinx. Image credit: World Mysteries.

The Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt is surrounded by wonder. Although mainstream experts claim they know the date of its construction, not everyone agrees with the results. Therefore, Egyptologists cannot agree upon an accurate build date.

Egyptian scholars do not know when, how, or why the Sphinx was constructed.

But now, two Ukrainian scientists claim to have geological evidence to the age of the Sphinx. These extraordinary claims are backed up with some extremely valid scientific perspectives. They state that the Sphinx of Giza could be 800,000-years-old! This theory far surpasses any known data of the ancient Egyptian world.

Manichev Vjacheslav I from the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Alexander G. Parkhomenko of the Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine published a paper and made a YouTube video of their findings.


Could this be physical proof of the true age of the Great Sphinx of Giza? The image is from a YouTube video.

You can see the video explanation further down the page. Ancient Alien theorists claim the ancient world was a world full of extraterrestrial visitations.


Discovering The Age of the Sphinx

The two experts pointed out the debate raised by West and Schoch to ‘overthrow’ the mainstream view of Egyptology. The main talking point of this debate is the clear evidence there is of water erosion at the ancient monument, which indicates its age has been massively miscalculated.

Despite the vast amount of research done on the Sphinx, evaluating the date of construction is still a problem.

However, it appears that looking at the Great Sphinx and other ancient monuments from a geological perspective might actually help us determine the true age of them.

Examination of the walls surrounding the Sphinx show indications of huge water erosions. It would appear the Sphinx monument was flooded at some point in the distant past. This then led to the formation of undulating depressions in the walls.

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It suggests that the natural water erosion destroyed the Great Sphinx and not by sand.

Experts understand that freshwater lakes covered the area. However, these lakes are far older than the ancient Egyptian culture. The erosion around the Sphinx corresponds to the water level that would have been present during the end of the Pleistocene era.

Therefore, historically speaking, the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau must have stood around this time.

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What do you think about all this? Do you agree with the video explanation to the age of the Sphinx?


Do you agree with this evaluation for the age of the Sphinx?

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