Recent UFO Sightings Cover Up In Military Operations

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Recent UFO sightings

Recent UFO sightings covered up with military operations. Latest UFO sightings cover ups by RAF. UFO sightings 2017 UK cover up by military.

An elderly couple in East Yorkshire, UK, have told of the mysterious night they allegedly witnessed a latest UFO sightings of  30 to 40 UFO’s before a major military operation took place less than 24 hours after the sightings.


UFO spotted in the skies

Elderly couple claim to have seen UFO sightings of 30-40 UFOs

The latest UFO sighting comes from Wilsthorpe Beach in East Yorkshire, where a wife and husband, who will not be identified, in their 80’s a phenomenal event of UFO activity.

Paul Sinclair, a paranormal investigator, tells of their shocking claims in a book he is writing. The incident has been called the new British Roswell because of the high level of military activity in an operation that occurred after the latest UFO sightings.

Truth Proof Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair’s book Truth Proof lists details of the recent UFO sightings and attempted RAF cover up. Image credit: Amazon.

This recent UFO sightings news refers to the night of September 14th, 2009, at around 23:00. The couple lived in a block of flats that overlooked the Wilsthorpe beach. When the couple decided to call it a night they saw a strange glow outside as they turned off the lights.

The wife said that “something told her to go outside“. When she opened the front door to their apartment she saw an amazing sight she had not expected to see – several UFO‘s hovering over the coast of the beach. Apparently the spaceships were around 15-feet long and 8-feet wide.

Mr Sinclair said:

She said there was a huge circle of boomerang-shaped craft.

He went onto describe how she witnessed a staggering 30 or 40 UFO’s hovering over the surface of the water. He tells how she told him the sea water below was bubbling and moving around a lot.

“They were silent, but there was electricity going into the sea.” he continued to explain.

“Ron (her husband) said it was like a blue and white Christmas tree over the sea. He was frightened and left after ten minutes and put his head under the pillow for the night.

The elderly lady told Sinclair that, unlike her husband, she was afraid of the UFO’s she was witnessing. She knew that she would never get an opportunity to see something like this again in her life.

wilsthorpe beach

Part of Wilsthorpe beach, the location of the UFO sightings and military activity.

The elderly lady claims she stayed at the front of her apartment watching the UFO’s for about 30 minutes, until they started to break out of the circular formation. Apparently, they rose in pairs at a 45 degree angle until there were only two left.

Recent UFO sightings

The elderly husband and wife were not the only ones who witnessed strange activity of the latest UFO sightings around this period.

Mr Sinclair says he spoke to two bait diggers who claim to have seen “triangles entering the sea” on the same day that the military operation took place, with them (the triangles) then being surrounded by military personnel.

Sinclair, who’s investigation is still on-going, had collected even more recent UFO sightings in the area that date back to May 2009. The reports include a massive UFO being spotted in Driffield, a pink UFO in Flamborough Head, and a ‘spherical-shaped craft’ that was witnessed by nine people in River Head.


UFO military cover up

A squadron from the British RAF was seen on the beach by several witnesses the day after these incredible scenes of the latest UFO sightings had been witnessed.

This military operations has led many people to believe the UK RAF attempted to cover up the evidence of any UFO sightings.

On Tuesday 15th September, 2019, two Chinook helicopters carrying RAF personnel landed on the beach of Wilsthorpe.

Chinook helicopter

A RAF military Chinook helicopter. Image credit:

A week later, a local newspaper published a statement saying up to 50 people saw the military arrive and operations take place on the beach.

UFO cover up

Mr Sinclair has submitted a request for Freedom of Information to the Ministry of Defense in reference to the military operations that happened on the beach on September 15, 2019. However, the reeply he received was that this was just another “routine military exercise” carried out to improve the protection of the UK.

He states that although the military operations presence does not confirm the recent UFO sightings, he does believe they were there due to the unidentified flying objects.

Nothing found can prove with any certainty the UFOs were over the sea as an elderly couple claim, or that the black triangles entered the sea in September 2009 like the bait diggers described. 

“All I can do is stack the evidence for and against, either side of the scale.

Sinclair believes it is highly unlikely that the military will disclose the true nature of the operations during this time period. Many people believe their lack of honesty indicates they were there due to the recent UFO sightings and covered up any physical evidence of the UFO’s.

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