UFO Activity Increase Across U.S States

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Recent UFO sightings

UFO activity from USA 2017 has caused alarm across the American states. An increase of UFO sightings activity in the United States.

A whole bunch of UFO sightings has been reported over the past 48 hours or more, from several U.S states across the North American continent.

recent UFO sightings

Recent UFO sightings across the US states of America. Image credit: Planet Matters & More.

A quick state of UFO activity has popped up in several different locations that have had alien hunters begging to know what is to come.

Over the most recent 48 hours, a string of mysterious UFO sightings and events has had many people baffled. Twenty-five glowing UFO orbs, a ‘bus-like’ flying object, and a triangle UFO have all been reported in the past two days.

According to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), these reports began in Texas on Saturday morning, and have continued for the next couple of days.


UFO sightings

The first cause for alarm came in the early hours of Saturday morning in an undisclosed location within the Texas state. An unidentified UFO witness filed a report to MUFON about two unidentified flying objects with bright lights.

The witness said the lights were like stars but brighter (due to being a lot closer). It was said that the two UFO lights were traveling at an incredible speed through the brisk morning sky.

Secondly, a triangle UFO was seen being chased by US military helicopters in Springfield, Missouri – also during the Saturday hours.

Triangle UFO

UFO sighting of Triangle UFO in Springfield. Image credit: YouTube.

The triangle UFO sighting has similar reports to a UFO sighting last week when it was claimed that the US Air Force chased a mysterious UFO over the Area 51 airspace.

A further 6 recent UFO sightings were reported to MUFON yesterday.

Recent UFO sightings 2017.

Strange orbs were seen in skies of Wisconsin. The witness said that they had never seen anything like that in their lives – and were completely shocked by what they witnessed.

A separate witness in the state of North Dakota reportedly saw another two unidentified flying lights.

Other unexplained UFO sightings have come from Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Missouri, collecting up to another 10 individual recent UFO sighting reports.

It is safe to say, the States of America are certainly becoming a hotspot for alien activity and UFO sightings.

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