Roswell UFO Crash Site Will Be Open To The Public


The famous 1947 Roswell UFO incident sent alien believers into a frenzy. It was reported that a crashed alien UFO had been picked up by the U.S military, but a cover-up of the truth soon got underway.

Now, UFO hunters and alien conspiracists can visit the Roswell UFO crash site in July of this year!

For the first time in more than 70 years since the Roswell incident, the public can visit the worlds most famous UFO crash site.

The upcoming UFO 1947 Crash Tour is running in partnership with the Roswell UFO Festival.

Between July 5 and July 9, the public will be able to get an exclusive first-hand experience look at the alleged alien craft crash site. Tours will run two times a day with ticket prices starting at $65.

Roswell UFO

The famous Roswell UFO crash site of 1947 will be open to the public in July.

Ticket holders are to meet at the Roswell Mall situated at 4051 N. Main Street. Then transportation will take everyone directly to the UFO crash site area.

For more information regarding the UFO 1947 Crash Tour – click here.


Roswell UFO Crash

The suspected UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 is one of the most famous UFO news stories in recent history. Not only are there large indications of an actual alien spaceship crashing in the Roswell desert. But the role the U.S military played in covering it up makes it a very interesting case.

July 1947, reports of a crashed UFO had made their way to the military base in Roswell. A statement that there was an actual UFO crash was confirmed by the Roswell military but later withdrawn. Apparently, those at the RAAF base were not trained enough to distinguish the difference between an alien flying saucer not of this planet, and a weather balloon.

UFO Roswell

Roswell UFO crash site. Sourced from: TodaysUFOVideoes.

Even eyewitness reports had stated they had seen extraterrestrial bodies on the ground around the crashed UFO.

To add even more fuel to the conspiracy fire, high ranking military officials have also come forward to say what happened at Roswell, New Mexico was covered up.

Several decades later in 1995, a video of an alien autopsy of an extraterrestrial body supposedly from the Roswell crash was released. However, experts exposed this alien news video as nothing more than an elaborate hoax.


Extraterrestrial Autopsy

It has been shockingly claimed that the fake Roswell alien autopsy that fooled the world in 1995 was actually based on real footage of an alien postmortem body!

The faked footage appeared after the apparent events of a crashed UFO in Roswell, New Mexico, and has gone down in history as one of the biggest UFO/alien cover-up conspiracies ever created.

Roswell Alien Autopsy

A still image from the Roswell Alien Autopsy video. Image credit: Express.

Ray Santilli was the man responsible for the alien hoax video. But has claimed his video is a reenaction of a real alien autopsy he has witnessed.

Santilli claims the alien footage is genuine and that he and his team “restored and recreated” certain aspects of the film.

Furthermore, he states that not everyone involved with the recreation of the footage had knowledge of its origins. And, in fact, the video came from a genuine postmortem of an alien body.

Recent Alien News

Experts exposed the video as a hoax. Furthermore, Santilli later confirmed he filmed in a London flat. Santilli states the recreation of his film was based on genuine events of a real filmed alien autopsy, which he has seen. However, he has not revealed this publicly.

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