Secret Documents Prove U.S UFO Study In Nevada


The documents and case studies that prove the United States of America conducted a secret UFO study that was based in Nevada.

The U.S government released information that up until 2012 they conducted case studies on UFO sightings across the country. However, the Pentagon still has not released any reports or files on the matter.

In October of 2017, Luis Elizondo, a former intelligence officer, released details that he was once in charge of a top-secret Pentagon project. This project studied UFO sighting cases. Two months later the name of the secret government project was released – Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Around the same time, YouTube uploads depicted military aircraft chasing a UFO.


UFO News: UFO sightings and case studies by the US government. Image credit: LasVegasNow.

One of such UFO sightings videos was of a 2004 encounter between US air pilots and an unknown flying object that easily outmaneuvered the pilots.

Now, many UFO investigators and alien conspiracy theorists are on a mission to gain access to the classified documents on supposed UFO vehicles.

UFO video

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was the man in charge of starting the government study into unknown aircraft.

He said he was shocked that no one was giving the area much attention, and requested funding to conduct his own investigation. Originally the secret program was called Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program or AAWSAP for short.

Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program

AAWSAP confirmed by the government. Sourced: BlueBlurryLines.

Bigelow Aerospace gained the contract to the project and began to provide and facilitate for the top-secret operation circa 2008. The DIA posted the solicitations and Harry Reid did not influence the selection decision.

Of course, the agreement between DIA and Bigelow Aerospace failed to mention the term UFO. Instead, they used vaguer words such as breakthrough technology, future threats, lifts, propulsion, and many more. In short, the team at Bigelow would conduct studies into reported UFO sightings and UFO news-related topics.

Officials constructed a lab in Utah, an area famous for strange sightings and close encounters of extraterrestrial life. The program amassed a high amount of scientific reports in UFO technology, which included drives capable of warp speed, and propulsions systems with antigravity effects.

As quickly as it had started in 2008, it soon came to an end in 2011. Unfortunately, there were those who felt this would create embarrassment to the government if the secret became common knowledge. Many also opposed the investigation due to religious beliefs.


More UFO news

A small team managed to keep working, dubbing themselves AATIP. They kept a low profile and worked solely on small cases reported as UFO news. This project apparently came to an end in 2012.

Now, as the Pentagon is still withholding vital case study material, many UFO hunters are fighting to get their hands on it through legal measures. The Freedom of Information Act is one way the general public can sanction the release of secret UFO case studies.

We now only have to wait and see if this will prevail.

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Recent UFO sightings

A YouTube UFO sightings video shows three UFO’s flying past the moon. Evidence of UFO’s on the moon in rare UFO phenomenon video.

So, could this recent UFO footage be the evidence needed to suggest extraterrestrial life on the moon?

UFO sightings

UFO news: UFO sightings video could prove the existence of alien life on the moon.

YouTube has become a very popular platform to upload alleged images and videos of UFO’s and aliens. There is a countless number of UFO sightings’ videos on the media website that it is difficult to keep count of them all.

However, recently an amateur astronomer has uploaded a new video that appears to show three unknown objects flying between the moon and Earth.

Don’t Stop Motion, the YouTube channel, uploaded the video on April 24th, 2018. The imagery within the UFO sightings video was recorded two days earlier on April 22nd. The amateur astronomer is still unsure what he captured. He argues that they could be helium balloons, space debris, or even alien UFO’s!

The author of the video keeps an open skeptical mind to what is witnessed in the video.

Of course, after millions of people watching the possible alien footage, many theories have sprung up.

As previously mentioned, the possibility of space debris cannot be ruled out, but UFO hunters are convinced that this is real footage of a UFO sighting. They argue that the objects move too fast and in the same direction to be helium balloons of junk flying around in space.

We judge for you to make your own decision after watching the UFO news video story above.

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