“Spaceship” Discovered Under The Bermuda Triangle

A treasure hunter has publically stated he has discovered a “spaceship“-like object beneath the Bermuda Triangle, which he believes is proof of extraterrestrial visitation from thousands of years ago. These shocking reports are making their way across numerous UFO news outlets.

Darrell Miklos, an explorer, says he has been using secret maps created by former NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper to find currently unidentified objects in the Caribbean.

What Mr. Miklos initially thought would be a shipwreck turned out to be a USO (unidentified submerged object).

Miklos’ recent discovery may shock the world and change everything we thought we knew about human history.

The Explorer has been using old maps crafted by Cooper in the 1960s. These maps identify over 100 ‘anomalies’ of magnetic disposition within the Caribbean area. Since Miklos started diving at numerous undisclosed locations he has discovered a lot of treasures from shipwrecks. However, what he believed would be another ancient shipwreck may turn out to be an alien spacecraft!

UFO Bermuda Triangle

Could this discovery be a UFO in the Bermuda Triangle?

The American born Explorer has a TV series called “Cooper’s Treasures“, which airs on the Discovery Channel.

He spotted his latest discovery of a USO whilst exploring an area in the Bermuda Triangle.

As Miklos noticed some peculiar features of the object as he began to circle around it.

Miklos’ Latest Discovery

As you can see from the image below, there is a large horizontal cylinder protruding from the object in question. This is not a common characteristic of a man-made boat that could have sunk here a few hundred years ago.

Actually, there is evidence that this object is thousands of years old!

Miklos Discovery

Miklos’ latest discovery could be of an extraterrestrial aircraft that crashed thousands of years ago. Sourced.

Geophysicists on the diving team have reported that the coral surrounding the object is at least 5,000-years-old!

On top of this, due to the current stream in the location at which this USO was discovered, it is almost impossible for coral to grow – if at all! This fact left many of the geophysicists baffled.

Many images taken by Miklos and his team show bizarre formations which cannot occur naturally. There is a lot of coral growth in a structural formation that defies normal conceptions of how coral develops over time. All in all, this means that there must be an underlying object beneath the coral to allow it to grow into such weird shapes.

Miklos, 55, is adamant that what he has found was not caused by natural occurrences. Instead, he believes that his discovery could be an alien spaceship! So, if true, this could be the first ever extraterrestrial vehicle discovered on Earth!

Watch the UFO news video below to see this incredible discovery.

Cooper’s Treasures USO Discovery

Initial reports estimate the unidentified submerged object at 15,300 ft in length! Mr. Miklos discovered the USO whilst filming one of the episodes.

Divers needed special equipment since the diving site fell to 300 feet below the surface. After making this astonishing discovery, Miklos decided to start looking through his Copper files to find a clue to what this USO could be.

It turned out that all Major Cooper had written about the magnetic anomaly was “unidentified object.” This would then indicate that if it was not a shipwreck, which Cooper would surely know about, then it must be an extraterrestrial object.

USO Discovery Channel

This coral growth formation is not normal and suggests there is an underlying object beneath the growth. Sourced.

Former astronaut Major Cooper believed in aliens. More importantly, he believed in extraterrestrial visitations. He was particularly keen to suggest these extraterrestrials landed in specific parts of the world.

The Bermuda Triangle mystery is something that has plagued scientists for decades. There is a strange magnetic disturbance in the area which has the tendency to interfere with electronic equipment. Could this have been the cause of this crashed UFO thousands of years ago?

Recent UFO News

If this is the case, then what happened to the extraterrestrial crew aboard the UFO?

Over the next few months, Miklos and his team will be continuing their investigation of this USO discovery. Hopefully, soon we will have an answer to what it really is!

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