Strange Sea Monster Washed Up On British Beach


As of yet, no one knows what exactly this bizarre alien-looking creature is. Could it have extraterrestrial origins? Is it an ancient breed of sea animal, or are the rotten remains just too disfigured to properly analyze the species?

One thing that is for sure, this animal is starting to baffle a lot of expert minds!

This mysterious and horrific-looking creature washed up on the shores of Rhossili Beach in Gower, Wales. Since its appearance, local residents have been horrified and dumbfounded by the carcass.

The five-foot-long ‘monster’ has a very wide jawline and slim agile tale.

Beth Jannetta was walking her dogs along the beach when she noticed the alien-like body lying in the sand. The 41-year-old took photographs of the sea monster and sent them on to experts. It is hoped that the quick documentation of Ms. Jannetta can help identify this animal.

Sea Monster

A Sea Monster washed up on the shores of a British beach. Sourced from: Express.

She said that her first presumption was that the animal was a member of the cetacean family. Cetaceans are the likes of whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

However, others who have seen the image say that it resembles the body of a crocodile.

Below is another photograph of the currently unknown sea creature.


Sea creature

Sea creature washed up on British shore baffles experts to its origin.  Sourced from: Express.

Although experts are still unable to figure out what the creature actually is, it is likely to be a member of the cetacean family.

Dr. Dan Forman, an expert in Bioscience at the Swansea University says that at first glance it resembles characteristics of a crocodile, but it most certainly is not.

He goes on to say that the jawline suggests that this bizarre carcass may be a whale or dolphin.

It is not uncommon for dead whales or dolphins to wash up on the beaches off the coast of Wales.

National Trust Ranger Mark Hipkin, who was called to pick up the remains of the alien-like creature, says he is confident that it is a porpoise.

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He went on to state that on top of the regular washed-up dolphins, they also have a few sheep wash up on the shores.


Recent Alien News

The oceans are one area to look if you want to discover what extraterrestrials might look like. The diverse array of life in the depths of the water could easily be mistaken for alien life.

A Russian fisherman has been photographing the bizarre collection of sea creatures he has caught, that could even leave the most skeptic alien conspiracy theorist convinced of extraterrestrial life.

Alien-like Monsters

Russian fisherman photographs alien-like monsters.

Roman Fedortsov, has posted man of his unusual catches on his Twitter account, and many of them have an alien look to them!

Many of his photographs show strange-looking animals from the ocean, but could easily be seen as extraterrestrial life! However, this is not the case, all this shows is the diverse nature of evolution that has occurred over hundreds of thousands of years.

Although, the life at the bottom of our oceans could certainly give us indications as to what aliens life might be like on another planet.

So, click here to see the array of alien-looking creatures photographed by Roman Fedortsov.

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