Study Finds Life Once Existed On The Moon

A recent study has released incredible details that extraterrestrial life may have once lived on the moon. Alien life on the moon has always been a topic of discussion amongst conspiracy theorists. However, scientists have now made extraordinary claims that may support this belief.

Perhaps Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first two men to step on the moon, were not the first living beings to touch the lunar surface!

The staggering find has been sending the alien news media outlets into a frenzy.

Although we perceive the moon to be a barren and uninhabitable celestial body, this may not have always been the case.

A study published by a professor of astrobiology and a professor of planetary science and astrobiology suggests that life on the moon once existed in two periods of time. The first being four billion years ago, and then again 3.5 billion years ago.


Study finds alien life on the moon once existed in the distant past. Image credit:

Detailed analysis of these time periods indicates that the surface of our lunar orbiter was warmer with water vapor in the air. Scientists believe the life was only microbial and could not develop in the same way it did here on Earth.

The theory of Panspermia suggests that microbial life travels through the universe on asteroids, comets, and other celestial objects. When these objects crash into a planet or moon the extraterrestrial life inside is free to flourish or perish in its new home.

Early signs of life developing on planet Earth can be traced back 3.8 billion years ago.


Extraterrestrial Beings

This discovery of alien life on the moon may not be like the extraterrestrial beings we had hoped for, but it is a step forward. We are now beginning to realize that Earth is clearly not the only place for life to come into existence.

Just last month, during a NASA conference, the U.S space agency released information that heavily suggested microscopic alien life on Mars once existed.

Alien life on the moon

Study finds alien life on the moon once existed in the distant past. Image sourced from DiscoverMagazine.

Professor Dirk Schulze-Makuch from Washington State University, the co-founder of the study, says that microbes may have once thrived within water pools on the moon’s surface.

He also goes on to state that this can only be 100% proven true with future missions to the moon. In the coming years, NASA plans to send cargo and manned missions to the moon. Further inspections of the ground will be able to give us a much clearer picture of how the moon used to be.

We know that the idea of water being on the moon is not a new concept. In recent years discoveries have been made that proved water once existed on the surface of the moon.

Every year we are discovering new planets and moons that seem favorable for life, either in the past or currently. As an aliens news researcher and writer, I can only hope that soon we will discover true proof of intelligent alien life.

Aliens On The Moon

Conspiracy theorists will always argue that aliens are real and live on the moon. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence continues, but some state that it is closer than you think.

Alien bases are allegedly placed on the moon, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin supposedly making contact with them. This is not just an alien theory cooked up out of nowhere, both NASA astronauts have come out and said these words themselves.

Moon pics

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong say there are extraterrestrials on the moon. The credit of the image goes to the New York Post.

Astronaut Neil Armstrong has even stated that aliens on the moon warned him and fellow NASA astronauts to get off.

It was incredible … of course, we had always known there was a possibility … the fact is, they told us to get off.

Quoted from Neil Armstrong during an interview.

If the words of a NASA trained astronaut aren’t enough to go by, then what is?

Recent Alien News

Any further explorations to the moon may not only result in the discovery of proto-life but intelligent alien life as well!

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