The Most Common Types of UFOs

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are often reported in alien sightings all around the world. But what is the most common type of UFO spotted during reports of UFO sightings?

Triangle UFOs, flying saucers, bizarre flying lights. These are just some of the most popular descriptions of an alien UFO to be reported in recent times.

Modern man has spoken of an unknown aerial phenomenon since the dawn of civilization. Religious paintings and codices portray aerial phenomenon.

Even religious ancient books and text speak of UFO sightings in the skies. The early people viewed these flying machines as signs from Gods. Though, could the truth to their origin actual hold a more alien agenda?

Ancient alien theorists believe that people confused Gods as biological extraterrestrial beings. Researchers say that the flying crafts were just advanced technology we did not have the capability of understanding at the time.

Though, as we have advanced technologically speaking, we begin to understand the true nature and origin of our ancient past.  We will now take a look into the most common UFOs reported in UFO sighting cases.


Triangle UFO

A black triangle UFO is a subcategory of an unidentified flying object that has the shape of a triangle.

People have had an increased viewing of UFOs during the 20th and 21st century. Citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom are most likely to spot this craft.

Many believe the crafts are extraterrestrial. On the other hand, some believe they are part of a top secret government project.

Black triangle UFO

An artist rendering of a black triangle UFO. The crafts usually have a light on each corner.

Sightings of triangle UFOs often occur during the night time. Witnesses to such flying machines say that they are able to cruise in the air without omitting a sound. Furthermore, pulsing lights in each of the crafts three corners are a common occurrence within triangle UFO sighting reports.

On numerous occasions, military officials say the sightings of these UFOs are picked up on a radar device as well as being spotted by more than one witness.

The UK Ministry of Defence conducted an investigation into the origins of triangle UFOs. Government officials code-named the examination Project Condign. The research conducted came to the conclusion that most black triangle UFO sightings are the cause of electrical plasma. The electrical plasmas would create a strange energy field that not only refracts light but also produces hallucinations in eye-witness accounts.

The researchers of the UFO case study noted that the plasmas could be the result of weather and electrically charged conditions. Meteors entering Earth’s atmosphere may also cause this. Though, so far, this is not scientifically verified.


UFO Lights

Often referred to as a ‘blinding UFO light’, the emission of bright light means there is no distinguishable shape to these strange orbs of light.

People usually see mysterious flying lights at night. UFO eyewitness reports state they are often red or orange.

Often, residents say they see more than just one UFO light. They seem to move together as if they are individual lights from one much bigger craft.

UFO phoenix lights

These UFO lights are most famously known as the Phoenix Lights. Sourced.

They move in connection with one another as if they are part of one alien intelligence system.

On many occasions, people mistake helicopters and airplanes for UFOs. However, there are many instances, like the Phoneix Lights noted in the image above, that still do not have a rational explanation.

Again, it has been suggested by scientists and researchers that these bizarre flying lights are the result of an unknown plasmic phenomenon.

Some see them as a spiritual ‘craft’ of some kind, whereas others believe they are nothing more than actual alien UFOs. Perhaps the true answer lies somewhere in between.


Egg-Shaped UFO

Eyewitness reports of egg-shaped UFOs have reported crafts at least 200 feet in length. This has led many to believe that the egg-like UFO is an alien mothership.

As indicated by its name, this type of UFO is similar to the shape of an egg. UFO sightings do not report any physical description of doors or windows. They also have an eerie glow to them during the night time.


A UFO sighting of an alien craft shaped like an egg. Image credit.

A Police Officer named Lonnie Zamora experienced something extraterrestrial. He witnessed, up close and personal, the first-hand experience of an alien ship. Furthermore, many other witnesses saw the flying craft. Newspaper reports state it is probably one of the most famous UFO sightings.

This UFO close encounter occurred on April 24th, 1964, at around 17:30. Many people reported seeing an unknown craft in the outskirts of Socorro, New Mexico. Lonnie Zamora, a local policeman on duty during the time of the sighting and claimed to have come almost face-to-face with the extraterrestrial craft.

The military, law enforcement, and ufologists examined physical traces of the craft. The body of evidence in this UFO case suggests factuality towards many eye-witness accounts of the alleged UFO spaceship.


The Flying Saucer

Probably one of the most notable and famous designs for what a true UFO should look like. The flying saucer UFO, or flying disc, is shaped as if two saucer plates were placed on top of each other with the bottom facing outward.

The aircraft has incredible maneuverability. It can reach incredible speeds and fly in a manner that seems to defy all laws of physics. On top of this, reports of this craft are on the rise.


An artists drawing of a flying saucer UFO. Image source.

The term flying saucer became a mainstream name in the 1930’s for what we would nowadays classify as a UFO.

Earlier unexplained flying saucer reports were described with a silver color. They are also said to have navigational lights on the exterior of the craft.

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Although flying saucers are alleged by the government to a complete waste of time, they have actually spent many years and millions of taxpayer dollars on discovering the truth about UFOs.

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