The Three Most Hostile Alien Races Visiting Earth Every Day

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Evidence suggests there are at least three hostile extraterrestrial races visiting earth every day, each with their own agenda and mission here on our planet.

Many people believe we have been visited in the past by some sort of extraterrestrial being, to benefit the evolution of our ancient predecessors. However, what if their goal was not so beneficial to humanity?

The idea that ancient aliens visited our planet thousands of years ago to jump-start our evolution has captivated the minds of many over recent years. Now the belief that the ‘Gods‘ of ancient worlds may have been misinterpreted as extraterrestrial beings is starting to come to fruition.

Countless members of the public and even military and government personnel have stepped forward to shed some light on the subject.

the greys

Alien news: The three most hostile alien races visiting humanity. Sourced: YouTube.

Statistically speaking, given the sheer number of galaxies, and stars with orbiting Earth-like planets, the chances that we are the only life to develop and evolve is unlikely.

But, who are these beings that have visited us? Are they peaceful? Are they hostile? And most importantly, where are they now?

UFOlogists and researchers in the paranormal field argue that there is evidence to suggest aliens came to Earth in the past. Furthermore, our ancient cultures misinterpreted the extraterrestrial race as Gods. They came from the stars and the skies.

It is currently unclear how many alien races exist in the vastness of our galaxy, let alone the universe. Over the years different people have stepped forward to suggest what number of intelligent civilizations thrive out there, however, it is the ancient Indian civilization that has the most intriguing answer – 400,000 humanoid-like races.


The Hostile Extraterrestrial Races

So, the three most hostile alien races to have visited Earth are as follows:

  • The Annunaki
  • The Greys
  • The Reptilians

Each breed of alien came to our planet for a purpose and have their own agenda and idea in mind for the human nation.

The Annunaki


Alien news: People believe the Anunnaki are a hostile race of aliens. Sourced: Annunaki.

The culture of the Annunaki derived from one of the most ancient civilizations on the planet – the Mesopotamian.

The Mesopotamian civilization believed the Annunaki to be the creators of humanity. These technologically advanced beings left our planet thousands of years ago, but with the promise to one day return. This is familiar to many modern day religions in which the benign ‘Gods’ left with the promise to come back in the future.

The Gods of the Mesopotamian era are believed to have inspired the same stories and traditions that we read in many modern-day holy books.

However, all may not be as it seems. Although the Annunaki are given credit for the jump-start in the evolution of our gene code, it was only to benefit themselves. Originally they came to our planet to mine for gold and other raw materials but grew tired of the labor. Their master plan was to create a slave race to do the digging for them – us.

So if they return, is it going to benefit mankind?


The Greys


Aliens news: The Greys are believed to be hostile and perform abductions on humans. Sourced: Above Top Secret.

The Grey aliens are one of the most popular species of alien – thanks to the commercialization of Hollywood films. There is said to be two types of these ‘grey aliens’ – small and tall. The small Greys are tiny in stature with big heads. Many believe they are clones of the taller grey aliens. Experts in the field claim that their civilization is small, this is why they have cloned themselves.

It is also thought that this extraterrestrial race originates from the Orion Constellation and that our governing world leaders have a pact with this alien race.

Their hostility comes in regards to the abduction process. It is believed that the governing bodies of the world made a deal with the Greys. In return for advanced extraterrestrial technology, the Greys were given permission to abduct human citizens and perform experiments on them.

Some say that they are fascinated with our ability to reproduce so easily. Due to this, they perform experiments by creating human-alien hybrids.


The Reptilians


Alien news: The reptilian alien race may cause chaos to benefit themselves. Sourced: EsotericJenavi.

For many years there have been tales of humanoid-looking creatures with scaley bodies living amongst us here on planet Earth. Century-old stories of half-human half-reptile creatures have wormed their way into history, but could there be some underlining truth behind these alien news stories.

Some South American religions worshiped serpent-like Gods, and many believe that they have been on Earth for as long as it has existed.

Also, UFOlogists claim that they ‘feed’ of negative energy such as fear and hatred. Other conspiracy theorists even go as far as stating that they pull the strings to create havoc within the human population to enhance their own power. This demonic like approach means that they only want to see chaos amongst the human population, which will be a benefit to them.

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