Triangle UFO Sighting On The Moon


Evidence of triangle UFO’s and alien crafts have long been disputed. To some, the idea of aliens in UFO’s seems ridiculous. But could these photo’s of UFO sightings on the moon prove to be true?

A dark triangular object was spotted moving across the surface of the moon. Although as of yet there is not an explanation for this bizarre occurrence, alien conspiracy theorists and UFO hunters are claiming it is an extraterrestrial UFO.

It may appear as though the unknown object is flying past the moon, but it is not. Details indicate that the triangular object is actually rising from the surface of the moon. To some, this is an indication that aliens have a secret base on the moon.

If this UFO sighting image does capture an alien UFO leaving the moon, it could be groundbreaking.

triangle UFO

Photo of the moon. Bottom left quarter shows a triangle UFO on the surface.

Astronomers have said they have captured similar objects appearing to leave the moon and ascend into space.

For over a decade, people have theorized there is an alien base on the dark side of the moon. It is believed that NASA and the governing bodies of the world are aware of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon. Indeed, the likes of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have publicly stated they were warned of the moon by aliens.

So, could this image be another picture in the puzzle of the worlds greatest cover-up?

The below UFO video depicts another UFO sighting new event of an unknown object flying past the moon.

UFO Sightings Video

However, like most UFO reports in UFO news stories, the image quality is not substantial enough to categorically claim there are aliens on the moon. It may be an indicator, but could also be something more terrestrial.

There is the possibility of the ‘triangle UFO’ in the image being a bird or insect. The image was taken from Earth, with a zoom and focus on the moon. Anything that flew between the path of the camera and the moon would appear obscure. Viewers say the lack of focus allows for many interpretations.

It is always best to be skeptical about any UFO sightings and possible alien crafts stories.

triangle ufo moon

The triangle object shown on the moon could be anything.

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Recent UFO News

A bizarre UFO crashed in a Chinese forest leading everyone to think it was of extraterrestrial origin. Now the Chinese government has claimed the space debris and the truth about the Chinese UFO crash is out.


UFO crash in Chinese forest. Sourced: BGR.

However, for those hoping for extraterrestrial visitors, the origins reported in UFO news are not alien.

The object crashed in the Chinese forest of the Fujian province, and although it fell from space, it is not an alien spacecraft.

The large chunk of metal was, in fact, a Chinese rocket that launched over a week ago, according to the Chinese Space Agency. Although the rocket crashed in a forest and did not hurt anyone, it was not far from nearby villages. In actual fact, it was two plant workers – Huang Yijin and Zhang Hejin – who discovered the then believed UFO, whilst on the way to their job.

More UFO Sightings

On May 20th, China sent the Long March 4C rocket into space to establish a communications satellite. The launch went perfectly as planned, however, the agency lost track of where the rocket’s nosecone was meant to crash-land.

To learn more about the crashed rocked in China click here.

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