UFO Crashes After England World Cup Game

The English nation has been chanting “It’s coming home” for so long perhaps aliens heard it and decided to come home themselves!

It has been reported that a UFO crashed near a village in the hosting World Cup nation. Two strange balls of light were witnessed as UFO sightings and first seen flying over the skies of form Kazakstan. The unknown flying objects were even captured in a UFO video before the possible alien craft crashed.

The UFO crash occurred 80-miles from where England and Sweden played their quarter-final game of the 2018 World Cup.

The bizarre object crashed and exploded upon landing on the ground. Locals explained how the crash made the surrounding area “tremble” and destroyed vegetation in 100-hectare radius.

ufo crash site

A UFO captures the moment an alien vehicle crashes on land. Image credit: Mirror.

Local residents that witnessed the terrifying crash also stated that they lost mobile signal coverage. A few Russians ran to the UFO crash site and within the blaze of the wreckage, they discovered a silver-like object dented into the ground. Witnesses stated to UFO news outlets that the object – although appearing to be metal – was not like any metal found here on Earth. Reports say the material was soft like fabric.

UFO Kazakhstan

The silver object locals found after the bizarre UFO crash. Image sourced from YouTube.

The strange object had a hatch which the people from the area were unable to gain access to.

Many residents reported to UFO news media’s how the mysterious flying object was spiraling out of control before coming to a blazing end.

Firefighters had to combat the flames from the wreckage for four hours. The UFO, described to be a ball-like shape, was 10-feet in diameter.

UFO Crash Video

Many UFO theories have come forward after people have witnessed the UFO crash video.

Take a look below at the unexplained UFO sightings phenomenon and decide for yourself.

Many believe that the explanation could simply be a satellite of spacecraft that has fallen from the sky in spectacular fashion. However, Russian space officials and other space exploration agencies have remained tight-lipped on the matter.

Usually, mysterious balls of like streaking across the sky are in fact recently launched satellites. But this seems to be completely different.

Is this a real UFO in the video? Does it depict genuine footage of an extraterrestrial craft crashing to Earth?

Alien Explanation

The appearance of the unknown object seems to be man-made, with the nuts and bolts we would associate with a human constructed object. However, since no governing bodies have yet stepped forward to explain this as one of their own satellites or crafts, could it be something different?

As this currently unknown flying object descended from the sky, there is the possibility of it being an alien explanation. It could be of alien origin and made by extraterrestrials. Although it certainly wouldn’t be the first possible UFO crash in recorded history, it would be the first to have been witnessed by the public first hand.

On the other hand, it may also be a top-secret satellite of some sort that has crashed. This would also explain why space agencies haven’t held their hand up and claimed responsibility.

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Either way, the events that took place are 100% interesting to avid UFO hunters and truth seekers. So hopefully, we will get a true explanation about the object that crashed during the FIFA World Cup 2018.

So, please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in a comment below.

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