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Witnesses have stumbled across an alien hieroglyphic message. The haunting alien writing could be our last warning.

The alien saucer has been named the “Silpho UFO“, and has been branded as the British Roswell incident as it contains a cryptic message from an extraterrestrial form of life.

The wreckage of the UFO is only small in stature, but the message it brings is gigantic.

First discovered in 1957, within the North Yorkshire premise of England, parts of the wreckage from the object have a message for all of mankind.

At just 16 inches in diameter, the UFO part weighed around 22lbs and had hieroglyphics carved into it, which some say are very similar to the crashed Roswell UFO incident in New Mexico, 1947.


UFO News: Someone witnessed hieroglyphic messages on an alien UFO.

Within the small, strange metal disc was a copper book of 17 thin sheets, each with more hieroglyphic coding.

Local North Yorkshire-man Phillip Longbottom, who owns a café, said that the alien message translated into around 2,000 words.

Some say the coded alien message relates to our advancement into Nuclear power. One part of the haunting message reads:

You will improve or disappear.

ufo book

UFO News: Possibility of how the UFO copper book may look like. Image credit: Ashely Childs.

After the UFO was discovered, it was transported into the Science Museum of London’s archives and was only recently dug back up. It was Dr. David Clarke who discovered the alien UFO after giving a talk about the release of UFO files from the Ministry of Defence from the London-based museum.

Dr. Clarke said it was only when a museum worker told him about what was sitting in the archives that he really understood the extent of the cover-up.


British UFO Roswell

Officials have kept small parts of the debris from the crashed UFO. For the past 50 years, they have locked the debris from the British UFO Roswell incident in a cigarette tin.

It was clear that these were the remains of the missing Silpho Saucer that many have said is Britain’s answer to the famous Roswell, New Mexico incident.” Said Dr. Clarke.

It’s incredible to hear that pieces of this mystery object have been sitting in a museum archive for more than half a century.

UFO crash

Officials have locked away debris from the crashed UFO for 50 years.

At first, the High ranking officials sent the UFO remains to the Natural History Museum in London. But later disregarded as fake and hoax alien props. They said it had to be a hoax as the metal did not have any heat damage (as would be expected for an object entering the Earth’s atmosphere). Furthermore, there was no evidence that this metal could be found in our solar system.

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