Aliens On The Moon In Latest UFO Sightings

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Proof of aliens on the moon in the latest UFO sightings. New UFO sighting is being investigated for the truth.

UFO truth seekers are investigating the latest UFO sighting that shows a black object flying across the surface of the moon. Are aliens on the moon, and could this footage prove the existence of extraterrestrial life?


UFO sightings on the moon! Proof of aliens on the moon. Image taken from YouTube.

Video footage of a mysterious ‘dark disc’ is being investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for its authentication.

The UFO sightings were witnessed by someone who was filming the moon from their house in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. The witness, who remains unnamed, reported the UFO to MUFON and said that the unknown object was flying southbound in front of the moon.

As you can see from the UFO sightings video a little bit further down the page, a black disc shaped object can be seen flying from left to right across the surface of the celestial body.

In recent days the UFO sightings footage has emerged on a number of YouTube accounts as the latest story in UFO news.

It has received a large amount of attention as viewers are left convinced that this is proof of an alien UFO darting across the face of the moon.

See the UFO news video below:



There are a lot of theories surrounding the moon, with many believing that it is an alien base for an extraterrestrial race. Others are convinced that there is also proof that astronauts who visited the moon made contact with an alien life form.


Latest UFO sightings

The most recent UFO sightings have many people convinced that this is proof of aliens on the moon, however, an explanation remains unanswered.

It could be an alien space craft, alternatively it could be roaming debris from the hundred of launches over the years.

MUFON, the leading UFO research team, states that the majority of UFO sighting reports actually have a relatively reasonable explanation to them. But as of yet, no explanation has definitive explanation has proven or debunked this UFO sighting.

alien face moon

UFO news: Are aliens real on the moon? Image credit: HumansAreFree.

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Recent UFO sightings

A strange orb spotted on Google Earth has led many people to believe it is another UFO sightings story. UFO orb sightings viewed by thousands.

UFO hunters went into meltdown when they spotted what they believe to be a UFO orb hovering over the trees in the United States of America.

UFO orb

UFO orb reported to UFO news. Image credit: Express.

The mysterious silver-ish sphere was captured on camera floating over the mountains between Vermont and the state of New York.

Many state that this is nothing more than a rain drop on the lens, but UFO enthusiasts are not convinced and sure the origins of the orb are more extraterrestrial.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the landscape of Lake George, depicted by Google Earth. As the camera pans around we see a strange hovering orb in the center of the screen.


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