Astronomers Cannot Explain This Bizarre UFO Red Light


Video footage of a possible alien satellite monitoring planet Earth could prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. Currently, astronomers are unable to explain the bizarre red UFO seen in the below image.

Astronomers in Aztec, New Mexico, captured the red UFO lights on 8th May 2018.

The astronomer was taking photographs of galaxies and using a long exposure lens to capture his images. However, he managed to capture something a lot more mysterious than the night sky.

So, could this UFO image prove extraterrestrial life is monitoring our planet with alien satellites?

red ufo

Astronomers cannot explain red UFO lights. Image sourced from YouTube.

The astronomer managed to take two photographs of the unknown object, which were three minutes apart. The UFO sightings witness states that the distance between where the UFO is in the first and second image indicates it is moving at a high speed.

The UFO images were picked up by conspiracy theory YouTube channel SecureTeam10, who dedicated a video to the mysterious red light.

UFO sightings video

Furthermore, the Mexican astronomer submitted his images to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for a professional examination.

He says that his first impression of the object was that it must be a satellite.

Since appearing online, waves of conspiracy theorists see this as proof of aliens monitoring our existence. Some even state that NASA cover-up the evidence of extraterrestrial life.

For now, nothing definitive has proved if this object is extraterrestrial or terrestrial.


UFO NEWS: Is this the first image of an alien satellite observing our planet? Sourced from YouTube video.

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Recent UFO sighting

Sticking with the possibility that NASA is covering up the existence of alien life, we take a look at another recent UFO sighting – this one taken by NASA’s own Curiosity Rover!

This recent image, which is quickly becoming a topic of discussion among UFO news outlets, seems to indicate NASA is covering up the existence of alien life.


UFO news: NASA UFO image indicated life on Mars.

The footage, which was captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, shows a black and white landscape of the Martian world but with something ‘flying’ in the distance.

Many UFO hunters who have seen this UFO sightings image claim that the object is some sort of alien bird living on Mars.

Of course, as far as we are aware, life cannot survive on the barren red planet due to its weakened atmosphere. However, could this image indicate that everything we have been told about life on other planets is a lie?

A lot of comments and theories have been made about the recent UFO news story, with some even claiming the image wasn’t taken on Mars! Certain UFO hunters believer the footage here was captured on Earth – suggesting that NASA hasn’t even made it to the Red Planet. However, no one can confirm this theory.

More UFO News

Other theories to explain the possible UFO are:

  • Debris from the ground
  • A meteor that is burning upon entry
  • An alien UFO captured by NASA’s own cameras

There are always theories and claims being made about Mars that have sparked the imagination of the public. Many images of aliens on Mars and UFO’s can easily be debunked as a trick of the eye or an illusion. Yet, with this in mind, there are certain images that cannot be explained so easily.


Is NASA covering up life on Mars, as UFO image emerged online?

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