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The U.S Pentagon has proof of UFO and alien existence. Is the Pentagon covering up the existence of aliens and UFO?

Recently, a video of a UFO filmed by the Pentagon emerged online showing some incredible maneuvers that defied the laws of physics.

Many saw this is undeniable proof of the existence of alien life, however, some are more skeptical about the agenda of the U.S Government.

UFO conspiracy theorists enjoyed a historic journey to the truth after the Department of Defense released details that it had been running secret investigations into the possible threat of ufos up until 2012.

UFO footage, which was filmed by a pilot in the US Navy, showing a flying UFO that seemed to defy the laws of physics. This UFO sightings video lead to many to claim that aliens are on earth.


The Pentagon filmed an air chase between a U.S jet and UFO.

The filming took place of the coast of San Diego in November 2004, with many of the Navy personnel present at the time also stating they witnessed bizarre events.

Alien truth seekers have called for the release of all UFO news details and stories. They want the truth to be released.

The official release of a UFO video by the DoD was a step in the right direction for many individuals.

U.S Fighter Jet UFO Chase


Many who believe in the existence of alien life are convinced that they are not only real, but that extraterrestrials are living on earth. On top of this, they are positive that the government are covering up all UFO news stories.

On the other hand, some alien believers are a little skeptical about the agenda of the U.S Pentagon in releasing this footage.



Although there are millions of people worldwide who believe in extraterrestrial beings, they feel that the Pentagon is planting this story for a more undermining reason.

A conspiracy within a conspiracy.

Some question why they would release such footage. As it almost certainly confirms the existence of another form of life – extraterrestrial to our own. They are concerned that the government is setting the “groundwork to present extraterrestrials as the next threat to national security“. This would then require further investment into military spending.

Are aliens real

Alien news: Why aliens have to be real.

In turn, this could then bring about martial law.

Martial law is the instant military control over the government in times of sever threat.

The fear of a False Flag soon coming into play is on a lot of peoples minds.

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