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The recent SpaceX launch in LA is similar to 1937 Vancouver UFO sightings. Spot the difference in UFO photos.

A recent image of a Vancouver UFO being spotted in the skies has drawn a parallel comparison to the images and videos taken of last weeks SpaceX launch, which caused widespread panic throughout Los Angeles.

There has been a lot of UFO talk in the media of late, especially with the alleged recent UFO sightings that appeared in the skies of LA.

A strange ball of light streamed through the darkening night sky as onlookers stood hopeless at what they had witnessed. Many believed it was a sign of an alien invasion from a mysterious UFO, however, the truth turned out to be a lot more man-made than extraterrestrial.


(left) 1937 Vancouver UFO sighting. (right) LA SpaceX launch that caused UFO panic. Image credit: Vancouver news.

The UFO sightings that caused panic in LA was actual the SpaceX launch called Falcon 9, which was carrying 10 satellites as part of Elan Musk’s collection.

Okay…UFO panic averted, right?

Recent conspiracy is beginning to emerge that indicates a photo of a UFO taken in 1937, and the images of the recent satellite launching have more in common – and may in fact actually be UFO related.


UFO sightings

The story of the 1937 Vancouver UFO sighting, goes that two brothers, Wilfred and Leonard Lamoureux, went to take photographs of the Christmas lights on the City Hall when they spotted something bizarre.

The object which they photographed was described to be a glowing, blue, silent craft.


1937 Vancouver UFO sighting over the City Hall. Image rights: Vancouver News.

As this image and story have recently emerged from the archives, many conspiracy theorists have drawn a connection between both the UFO sighting in Vancouver and the SpaceX launch across the skies of LA.

However, no space launches occurred during the 1930s. So, is the Vancouver 1937 UFO sighting a true UFO photograph?

UFO News 2017

So, could there actually be a connection between the two 80-year UFO news events?

It is safe to say that both images look similar, but that doesn’t fully tell us the truth. In actual fact, it opens the doorway for many more questions.

Is the above UFO sighting in 1937 a watermark or an error with the negative? If not, was it a secret satellite launching like the one in 2017?

Or, is there a huge cover-up behind the SpaceX launch. Could it be possible that it was in actual fact a UFO seen by thousands and shared to millions?

The truth is still out there. And we will find it.


UFO Sightings Russia

Many claimed to have seen a UFO sighting in Russia 2017 when a similar event also sparked panic of an oncoming alien invasion when swirling ball of light shot through the night sky.

As the witnesses to the light in LA, Russian citizens took to social media to post their recordings online, convinced it was a sign that aliens are real.

However, the truth behind the event was a little bit more frightening.

Swirling UFO sighting

Swirling UFO sighting from Russia.

A nuclear missile launch caused the ball of light in the Russian night sky. Vladimir Putin said it was a missile test. Some say it was a sign to North Korea not to mess with the largest country in the world.

Whatever the reason behind the balls of glowing light in the sky, it seems they all have a similar appearance.

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