UFO Sighting Over Melbourne Airport


Latest UFO sightings Australia from Melbourne airport in 2017. UFO sightings witnessed by airport member of staff.

A worker at the Australian Melbourne Airport, who has military background experience, claims to have witnessed a UFO sighting during his working hours in January 2017.

The man claims to have seen two UFO’s fly over his head as a New Zealand jetliner was about to land.

Latest UFO sightings

January 10th, 2017 – 10:37 am.

During a routine landing of a flight arriving from New Zealand, the airport worker recalls an extraordinary experience that changed his life.

As the jet came into land, everything seemed to be running smoothly, that was until he witnessed the UFO sightings.

Two “stick-like” objects passed over the landing airplane in the opposite direction about 200-250 meters away from where he was.

He stated:

two long strands of a kind of plasma (one above another), 20-30 meters long, 0.3-0.5 in diameter. They were dark gray in color and the speed was similar to the just passed aircraft, but moving the opposite direction.

latest ufo sightings

Latest UFO sightings Australia – detailed map to verify the New Zealand date and time of landing.

The latest UFO sightings were described to not be cylindrical in shape but had round edges. The noise was similar to that of a normal aircraft, but not at full speed.

The airport worker had constant visual contact with the UFO’s for 15 to 20 seconds before they disappeared out of sight.

UFO sightings

The UFO news witness went to the high roof level of the building he was working in order to get another look at the ufos. However, he was not able to get another look at the UFO’s he had witnessed moments later.

UFO news 2017

What can we make of this UFO news from the latest UFO sightings?

It is possible that the UFO’s the man witnessed were top secret military crafts – which the witness points out as a possibility too – but why would the military fly so close to public airspace and cause a dangerous situation?

UFO sightings witness

UFO sightings witness illustration of what he saw. Credit: MUFON.

Air traffic control has claimed that there was nothing picked up on a radar that shouldn’t have been there. No anomalies, no ufos.

So, has the witness made it up or is there a military cover-up happening?

For the time being, experts define this UFO sightings case as an unknown.

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