NASA Explains Buzz Aldrin’s Claims Of UFO Sightings

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NASA spokeswoman explains the truth about Buzz Aldrin’s claims of UFO sightings when the Apollo 11 missions went to the moon.

A few days ago word spread like wildfire that results of Aldrin’s claims to have seen UFO’s in space passed a lie detector test and insinuated the existence of an alien life form. Now, NASA tries to cool the alien news and explain exactly what he had witnessed.

NASA confirms that Mr. Aldrin did likely see something outside of his ship whilst on the way to the moon, but it was not an extraterrestrial UFO.

A lot of talks erupted about the existence of aliens. Mainly about that the second man to step foot on the moon who had witnessed a UFO sighting. When analysis of his talks to NASA mission control was put through extensive and complex analysis, they could determine if he was lying or telling the truth.

Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11

NASA explains Aldrin’s claims of UFO sightings. Source: CollectSPACE.

The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health in Ohio were the organization that ran the tests. The results concluded that Buzz Aldrin, and three other astronauts that were analyzed, were all telling the truth. This didn’t necessarily prove the existence of alien life. But instead proved that all four NASA astronauts believed and were convinced in what they were seeing – UFO sightings.

But now Stephanie Schierholz, a spokesperson for NASA, explained what Buzz Aldrin had seen.

She states that Aldrin, during his flight on Apollo 11 to the moon, likely saw four panels that had been separated from the rocket whilst en route.

The panels would have had the same momentum as the rest of the spacecraft and would have followed them along (generally) toward the moon,

Apollo 7 rocket

Photo: Apollo 7 detached part of the rock. NASA explains that Aldrin likely witnessed this. Image credit: USAToday.

More UFO news.

NASA explained that it was a departed part of the spacecraft that Aldrin saw and mistook as a UFO sighting.

The NASA spokesperson went on to say that the “unidentified” word in UFO can cause problems. Furthermore, it is not directly related to something of alien origin.

The results of the test studies only tell us that the astronauts believe they had witnessed something they did not recognize.

Using decade-old recordings of talks between the NASA Apollo astronauts and Mission Control, the Institute in Ohio conducted voice recognition patterns in the recordings to find an answer.

Sharry Edwards, of BioAcoustics, made a statement after the findings saying that Aldrin is convinced he witnessed UFO sightings, even if his mind cannot logically explain it.

Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11

Buzz Aldrin snaps a photo of himself and the Earth in the background.

However, if NASA’s explanation is to hold ground, surely you would think that a fully trained NASA astronaut would be able to spot detached parts of their own spacecraft, and not confuse it with a UFO.

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UFO sightings

UFO news reported a UFO sighting over the Nellis Air Force Base of south Nevada in Los Vegas.

Images from UFO sightings taken outside Nellis Air Force Base show a smokey-shaped object in the distance.

An onlooker, who was photographing the landing airplanes at the Air Force Base, saw the UFO high in the sky and rapidly started shooting it with his camera.

UFO sightings image below:


UFO sighting over Air Force Base.

At first, he described it as a bright teardrop-shaped object in the sky. It was flying at an altitude of 500 feet, roughly two miles away from his location.

Giving details about the UFO sightings to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), he said that he has a Sony a350 DSLR, 1/2000, ISO 400, f8 shooting spec camera. The witness was minding his own business. Simply snapping photographs from outside of the base of the aircraft as they land when he noticed something unusual in the distance.

He goes on to explain that even though he could not see the object very well with his naked eye. So, he decided to take as many photographs of it as possible. Within 10 to 15 quick seconds of seeing the UFO before it disappeared. The man managed to snap around 10 quick UFO photos.

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