NASA ISS Live Stream Captures Black Knight Satellite

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NASA ISS live stream captures the alien Black Knight Satellite. Recent UFO sightings of alien craft spotted on ISS camera.

The International Space Station (ISS) live feed camera spotted a mysterious black floating object, which is believed to be the hypothesized alien satellite astronauts saw in the 1960’s.

black knight

UFO News: NASA ISS live stream captures the alien Black Knight Satellite. Image credit:

The name “Black Knight Satellite” originated when NASA astronauts spotted a black shaped object on camera in 1998. This was during a space shuttle mission, and the object could not be properly identified.

Many alien conspiracy truth seekers believe the object is of extraterrestrial origin, sent to Earth 13,000 years-ago and maintains a near-perfect polar orbit of our planet.

This hypothesized alien craft has been around since the sixties, but now real footage from the ISS stream may prove its existence to be true.

Watch the UFO sightings video below:



The theory behind the alien satellite begun in 1963 when Gordon Cooper, a former NASA astronaut, reported seeing the mysterious floating black object whilst in space.

Since its theorized existence, many have tried to uncover the truth and figure out the truth behind the object.

In 1973, a Scottish researcher named Duncan Lunan looked at previous data on the satellite and proclaimed it is of alien origin from the Epsilon Boötis (Izar) star system. He also announced that it is a welcome message to Earth from nearly 12,600 years ago.

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ISS UFO sightings

The images of the UFO sightings of the satellite were apparently taken in 2016, and have been kept a secret from the public eye. It is believed that NASA are trying hard to diminish the belief in the orbiting UFO satellite.

The alien craft was spotted by ISS cameras when the station was filming the Soyuz Spacecraft, during which the black shape of the object can be seen in the background.

The Soyuz was on a mission to dock at the ISS, but the UFO in the background captured all the highlights from the mission.

Maybe it is still here to keep a watchful eye on what the human civilization is doing.

star system

UFO news: the Epsilon Boötis system where the Black Satellite is supposedly from.

Many who have witnessed the video on YouTube claim it is clear cut evidence of alien life in the universe.

However, as previously stated, NASA always look to debunk the issue of the Black Knight Satellite, and state that the initial images released in 1998 were simply of space debris.

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