Proof Of Alien Life With Interstellar Asteroid

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Proof of alien life may be possible with the first detected interstellar asteroid. Alien news checks to be carried out.

Initial alien life checks of the interstellar asteroid have given scientists a mysterious result. Could this finally be the proof we need to say aliens are real?

Interstellar Asteroid

Interstellar Asteroid detected, alien life checks to be carried out. Image credit: Express.

A described ‘cigar-shaped’ rock, which first passed by Earth two months ago, has sparked a world wide frenzy in the alien news community, with many believing it is an alien UFO.

The Breakthrough Listen Project (BLP), that is headed by Stephen Hawkins, aims to conduct further testing on the mysterious flying rock as initial tests revealed there was no signs of alien life.

The BLP was set up in January of 2016, with the aim to find proof of alien life in our Universe. Since its formation, the project has recorded a number of strange fast radio bursts which could have an alien origin.

This bizarre shaped flying object has been named A/2017 UI, but is referred to as ‘Oumuamua’, which roughly translates to “a messenger that reaches from the distant past” in the Hawaiian language.

The reason why this find is so important is because the object is believed to have been wandering through space for hundreds of millions of years, and is the first spotted foreign object to be observed in our solar system. The asteroid travels at around 95,000 kilometres per hour.

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Alien News

At first, the shape of the celestial-body is what led people to believe that this could be an alien UFO travelling through space.

However, with initial alien life checks coming back as negative, the BLP ran further analysis of the object to gather a better understanding.

During a six-hour observation and scanning window, the team were able to 90 terabytes of data that will be analysed further. It is understood that it will take some time before results of the analysis are complete.


Currently, over $100million (£74million) has been spent on analysis of the interstellar asteroid.

Regardless of if evidence of alien life is found or now, Stephen Hawking and the Breakthrough Listen team vow to continue searching the vast empty space that is our Universe.


Alien News 2017

Earlier this year, the BLP scientists released a statement that they had discovered a collection of strange radio signals originating from space.

The radio signals raised eyebrows as they came in an orderly manner, and did not seem like signals that would originate from anything natural in the Universe. It was almost as if they were sent and transmitted with a purpose.

Strange signals from distant galaxy

Alien news: are aliens real? Strange signals from distant galaxy might suggest this to be true.

Many believed that this alien news was clear proof of a distant alien civilization trying to make contact through the vacuum of space.

However, not definitive origin for the radio signals has yet been discovered by the space organisation.

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NASA News Mars

A recent discovery made by a team of NASA scientists has come to the conclusion that the Red Planet could have once been home to an extraterrestrial form of life.

The alien news also lead them to make a statement saying the Mars is the “possible cradle of life.

Aliens Mars

Alien life on Mars could have thrived with evidence in new NASA photos.

For decades, alien theorists have claimed that the fourth planet from our sun is home to a race of advanced alien creatures. Although NASA stop short at admitting such conspiracy claims, they do state that millions of years ago, life could have been in development.

They say that the planet used to have the right conditions, like here on earth, to be capable of evolving and sustaining a small and basic form of life. However, that alien life form is surely deceased by now.

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