Recent UFO Sightings Caught On Video In Florida

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Recent UFO sightings of a suspected alien mothership caught on video in Florida. Strange UFO lights in the sky.

A bizarre UFO video has emerged on YouTube that seems to show weird dancing lights hovering in the night sky of Florida.

UFO Florida

UFO news: UFO sightings in Florida 2018. Image credit: YouTube.

The bizarre light cluster can be watched in the video below, and shows about half a dozen UFO’s moving freely in the night sky.

Then, one by one they all seem to disappear – perhaps boarding their alien mothership.

The alien video footage is said to be filmed in Florida.

However, despite the strange nature of the lights, viewers are split on the origin of them. Some are defiant to say it is proof of extraterrestrial life watching humanity, whereas others are less convinced – stating they are Chinese New Year lanterns.

Watch the UFO sightings video below to make your own conclusion.



It has also been theorized that the lights are simply skydivers with flares.

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Recent UFO sightings

Thousands claim to have spotted a UFO sighting in Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy launch. UFO video footage to prove it.

The launch was described as a “game changer”, as millions of people tuned in world wide to see the historic rocket take off.

UFO spotted Falcon Heavy launch

Is this a UFO in the Falcon Heavy SpaceX launch?

Many claim to have seen something very strange during the launching of the new SpaceX – Falcon Heavy rocket. A lot of those people already jumping to the conclusions that it was aliens in UFO’s!

However, others say that the object seen in the live video footage is nothing more than an orbiting Earth satellite.

It does seem that Elon Musk’s rocket launch brings about an array of UFO news related stories.

The latest of Musk’s launches propelled a car into space with a dummy astronaut sitting in the driving seat. There are cameras fixed at various points to the car which provide live video feed back here on Earth. And it was this video footage that many people viewed to claim a UFO was spotted during the Falcon Heavy launch.

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