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Strange blue lights were spotted in Buckingham and Oxford as residents reported UFO sightings in the UK as “Blue Eyes.”

Witnesses to a mysterious blue glow that moved through the night sky described it as a UFO.

Onlookers in the Buckingham and Oxford area of the UK took to social media to explain what they had witnessed. Some witnesses described the bizarre glow like a “pair of eyes.”

One witness reported that he noticed the unknown object at around 23:00 last night (04/04/2018) as it moved across the sky. It eventually disappeared as it vanished out of sight in the distance as it continued on its journey.

The UFO sighting of the blue glow was spotted by multiple people across the country and has taken the UFO news community by storm.

UFO lights

UFO NEWS: UFO sightings of strange blue lights in the UK. Image credit: Express.

It is currently unknown as to the origin of the blue light, but the people who saw it felt that it had an extraterrestrial connection. Witnesses said they felt as though the blue object was watching them.

See below what one Twitter user posted about the bizarre UFO sightings event:

One witness described the brightness of the glow as a flood light that got brighter as it shifted across the pitch black night sky.

UFO lights

UFO news: Twitter user posts about the “blue lights” in the sky over Buckingham, UK.

Was this the result of a top-secret military operation, or maybe an alien UFO?

As of yet, officials have not explained this event.

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UFO sightings

Another UFO sightings in the UK from Bristol was caught on film as a man recorded strange lights flying in the sky.

Filming from a flat in Easton, Bristol, England, a man claimed to have witnessed a number of flying ships in the sky as well as bizarre lights, which he claims are from an alien mothership.

Watch the UFO sightings video below:


The unknown lights that were captured on film were recorded in the early hours of Good Friday, 30th March 2018.  The video then appeared on the Bristol Post website on the first of April, hopefully not another April fools prank!

The man, who has asked to remain in secret, stated that as well as seeing several flying lights in the night sky, he could also see the alien mothership.

In an interview with the Bristol Post, he stated that the “main UFO was some distance away” and that it appeared to be “bouncing off the moon.”

He claims that this is not the first time he has been witnessed to extraterrestrial events such as UFO sightings but does insist that this is the first time he has had the opportunity to capture it all on tape.

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The man from Bristol thinks the UFO mothership was at least two to three football pitches in size. So big that even from a distance you could understand the size of the flying object.

Image of the UFO sightings

UFO Bristol UK

UFO news: UFO sightings in Bristol, UK.

However, the poor quality of the UFO sightings video makes it difficult to back up the claims of an unnamed man living in the United Kingdom. The image quality is extremely poor, and so no definitive evidence of extraterrestrials can be drawn from this ‘alien mothership’ proof.

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