Three UFO Sightings Seen On NASA ISS Live Feed

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Three UFO sightings caught on NASA ISS live feed were said to be monitoring the space station.

The live feed cam from NASA’s International Space Station is often a hotbed for UFO activity, with frequent UFO news story reports of unidentified flying objects seen above Earth’s atmosphere.


UFO sightings caught on NASA ISS live feed cam. Image taken from YouTube video below.

It seems that yet another UFO sighting has been witnessed on the live feed footage of the space station, this time capturing three unknown objects.

The footage was taken on March 17, 2018, with the objects above our atmosphere over the western part of Australia.

As the ISS moved closer towards the strange cluster, they vanished into the distance.

See the UFO sightings video below.

UFO news ISS footage:



Many UFO hunters and alien believers are convinced of the video’s genuine footage and feel this is obvious evidence of extraterrestrial life. However, as of yet NASA have not responded to such claims of UFO’s around the ISS vicinity.

Alien conspiracy theorists claim that NASA are covering up the truth about the existence of alien life, and also state that the space station is being monitored by alien UFO’s.


Recent UFO sightings from ISS

Just over a month ago it was claimed that the fabled alien Black Knight Satellite was spotted in footage from the ISS.

The International Space Station (ISS) live feed camera spotted a mysterious black floating object, which is believed to be the hypothesized alien satellite astronauts saw in the 1960’s.

black knight

UFO News: NASA ISS live stream captures the alien Black Knight Satellite.

The name “Black Knight Satellite” originated when NASA astronauts spotted a black shaped object on camera in 1998. This was during a space shuttle mission, and the object could not be properly identified.

Many alien conspiracy truth seekers believe the object is of extraterrestrial origin, sent to Earth 13,000 years-ago and maintains a near-perfect polar orbit of our planet.

This hypothesized alien craft has been around since the sixties, but now real footage from the ISS stream may prove its existence to be true.

However, it turned out that all the hype was for nothing when this was debunked to only be a floating piece of debris from a previous launch.

Earlier ISS UFO sightings

Last year UFO portals were spotted on earth from the ISS have gone viral.

A video from the International Space Station (ISS) captured three mysterious smoke-like rings hovering above the earth’s surface that has led some UFO hunters to believe they are UFO portals created by an extraterrestrial race to monitor us.

International Space Station

Video footage from the International Space Station shows 3 mysterious objects that UFO hunters claim are alien portals.

The images that captured the latest UFO sighting was uploaded to YouTube by ‘Third Phase of the Moon‘, and shows three rings drifting in the space between the International Space Station and planet Earth.

The possible alien portals are too high up in earths atmosphere to be clouds, which has led many UFO activists to claims they must be alien made UFO wormholes created by an advanced alien race to monitor the situation here on Earth.

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