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Solidified UFO discovered in Russia. Claims of a solidified alien craft are coming out of Russia. Could this unusual rock actually be proof of an alien UFO?

The UFO crash site comes all the way from the remote region of Volgograd, in the Southwest of Russia, where a team of coal miners stumbled across a suspected ‘UFO crash’.

UFO in Russia

UFO news: ‘Crash UFO’ discovered by coal miners in Russia.

Russian coal miners claim to have discovered a strange disc-shaped object, which they describe as a ‘crashed UFO‘.

A video uploaded to conspiracy theory YouTube channel SecureTeam10 shows and talks about this mysterious UFO news that was unearthed in Russia. The area is now a suspected UFO crash site.

Video credit: secureteam10

Watch the video above for further details on the crashed UFO and alleged UFO crash site in Russia.

The mining team, who were contracted to the Kuzbassrazrezugol company, were digging in the remote region of Volgograd, Russia, when they came across the mysterious disc-shaped object some 40 meters beneath the Earths surface.

The unclassified ‘crashed UFO’ is 1.2 meters in diameter, and weighs around 440 lbs (31 stone).

The object at the crash sites is also coated in tungsten, which is known to be used by the military as it has a very high melting point. It is typically used with space-bound objects as it will not burn up when leaving and entering the earth’s atmosphere.

UFO found in Russia

Image taken from the YouTube video shows the ‘UFO’ in comparison to one of the miners.


UFO crash sites

The narrator of the YouTube video states that alien and UFO conspiracy theorists are trying to claim that this object, and many like it, hold the remains of non-human life forms.

“They obviously look artificial, they’re all in the shape of a flying saucer … not to mention the fact they were found deep underground in a mine.”

Boris Glazkov, the man who came across the suspected UFO crash site, says he found the disc-like object easy as it is not similar to the surrounding rocks in the area:

“I have to say it wasn’t hard to see as it was really distinctive and large.

“I’ve never seen anything like this object, which is obviously man-made, out here in the middle of nowhere before. It is a real mystery.”

On top of this, to add more UFO news, Glazkov’s work colleague Arthur Presnyakov, says they actually discovered two UFO-like objects in the ground of the UFO crash sites:

“There were actually two similar objects, but the first one broke as it was being pulled out of the ground by the excavator bucket.”

UFO Russia

UFO news on the crashed UFO found in Russia. Image taken from YouTube video.

“We thought we saw something sure, because it broke into pieces, but then when the second one appeared we stopped work and carefully removed it from the bucket.” he continued.


UFO News

Is this proof of an actual UFO that ‘crashed’ in Russia?

To categorically say “yes” to this question is ignorant. Further testing, examinations and proper inspections must be taken to give us a further understanding of what has been discovered in Russia.

crash UFO Russia

The ‘crashed UFO’ in Russia shown against the natural rocky background.

UFO crash

We can say that the UFO crash site is strange, especially if miners – who have spent most of their adult life digging through the ground – don’t know exactly what they have discovered. The added coating of tungsten is another strange element to this discovery. However, it could be military constructed as much as it could have been constructed by an advanced alien life.

One thing that seems to have been overlooked is in regards to the first object they found, which unfortunately broke in half as they tried to remove it. They claim it was similar, if not the same to the one we have seen images of, so what was inside this object? Was it hollow? Did it have alien bodies and a control system? Or maybe it just rocked?

It’s possible that this could be a millstone, which one YouTube viewer points out in a comment.

Well, what do you make of this ‘breakingUFO news about a crashed UFO?

We’d love to know what you think. So, please feel free to leave your opinion in a comment below.

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