UFO Sightings Canada 2017

UFO Sightings

Recent UFO sightings caught on camera show blurry light streaking across the sky. Many have claimed this is proof of an alien craft. But, perhaps it is not what you think.

CCTV footage of a UFO sighting that lit up the night sky before vanishing has left thousands of people in the western region of Canada very confused to what they witnessed.

UFO sighting Canada

UFO lights up the night sky in Canada to leave thousands of people confused.

The pictures below were all taken from the CCTV footage of a security camera from a movie theater located in Cariboo, British Colombia, on 4th September 2017.

They show a suspiciously strange UFO bright light growing in brightness as it comes closer to the camera, before then disappearing behind the hill-top horizon.

Thousands of people from Calgary, in Alberta, to Hornby Island in British Colombia, claim to have seen the mysterious UFO sightings that were also captured on CCTV.

UFO sighting Canada

Mysterious UFO bright light caught on security CCTV.


UFO Sightings caught on CCTV

Many people across the western region of Canada claimed to had been witness to the UFO sightings, with hundreds taking to social media to report about their experience.

Local Cariboo woman Jacquie McKay, who runs the movie theater that captured the strange UFO on camera, said that at first, she thought the light was the result of a lightning strike – because it was so bright.

“We saw a bright flash, and at first thought, it was lightening,” she continued. “But it was a clear night, and when we looked at the camera we were like ‘What the Heck?'”

“We figured it was a meteor. I mean, its classic meteor activity. But we’ve not had that confirmed to us by anyone. We’ve just heard from the media.”

Local police have also confirmed that they received a lot of phone calls on the night from worried residents about the UFO sightings. Kevin Skrepnek, chief fire information officer for British Columbia, even took to Twitter to explain what he had witnessed.

UFO sighting tweet

Kevin Skrepnek tweeted what he witnessed on that night.

Police have confirmed they are not 100% clear on what the incident was. But say the chances of it being a meteor shower are most probable.


UFO News

First of all, do we have a UFO here? This is an Unidentified Flying Object, so yes.

Secondly, is it of alien origin? Unlikely. It is unlikely to have been a flying saucer piloted by an alien life form. As the local police in western Canada have pointed out, it is likely to have been the cause of a meteor shower. Although, some could argue that a meteor is of alien origin – as it is not from our planet.

UFO light

The UFO light vanishes over the hill-top horizon.


UFO in Canada

The strange UFO light is likely to have been the cause of a meteor.

UFO sightings 2017

Judging from all the evidence we have in front of us – the images taken from the security camera in Cariboo. The police reports, and the hundreds of eye witness reports that can be found on social media. It is easy to come to the conclusion that this UFO was the result of a meteor shower.

However, having said this, UFO conspiracy theorists need the factual evidence of a meteor shower. If one had crashed into Earth, as seems to be described by Skrepnek’s tweet, then there should be physical evidence of this. Alternatively, a report from NASA or the government should be revealed stating that this region experienced a meteor show at this time, on this day. Until this ‘evidence’ is brought forward to prove a meteor shower, there are always going to be those who believe this was another UFO sighting from an alien race.

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