Tom DeLonge Leaks Real UFO Sightings Video


UFO sightings from real UFO video leaked footage. Latest UFO sightings of genuine UFO footage says, Tom DeLonge.

Former rockstar Tom DeLonge has leaked UFO video footage that he says is a genuine UFO sighting.

The UFO video released by Mr. DeLonge is apparently part of the U.S governments black budget project. The video shows a triangle UFO hovering in the air.

Some people believe the flying object in the video, which was filmed in Paris, is part of the TR 3B project.


UFO news: Tom DeLonge (right) UFO leaked video footage.

Mr. DeLonge, who recently quit his career as a member of Blink 182 to pursue alien proof and UFO evidence, formed the ‘Academy To The Stars’ with a number of high profile ex-government officials and military personnel.

UFO sightings video

The former rocker revealed the UFO sighting video during an interview with Joe Rogan on the ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.

Watch the UFO footage below:

During the interview, DeLonge revealed that the UFO sighting in the video is of a TR-3B. This would make it part of the black budget project run by the American government.

The ‘Black Budget’ a highly top secret government and military projects which have no overview from Congress. The alleged budget for these projects goes into the millions of dollars – if we are being modest.

The TR-3B, which is apparently the UFO we can see in the video above, is meant to be a spy craft of some sort capable of space flight.

There have been thousands of reports about mysterious triangle UFO’s over the past year, with many people believing they are UFO sightings from an extraterrestrial form of life. However, there are those who believe this type of UFO news relates to secret crafts being developed by the US Air Force.

Many people believe that such alien-like technology is created by reverse engineering UFO space crafts. We would use their technology to increase our own development.

UFO disclosure

Mr. Delonge firmly believes that the TR-3B shown in the UFO sighting video is of human origin and not alien. He claims that the U.S government acquired this technology when the salvaged the materials from crashed UFOs here on Earth.

This is not the first time a UFO crash has been brought into the limelight of UFO news, with the Roswell UFO incident being the most discussed UFO cover-up story in recent history.


UFO footage

So, what can we conclude from the latest UFO news leaked by Tom DeLonge?

So, does this UFO evidence prove if aliens are real or fake?

Unfortunately, for many UFO believers, skeptics claim it is nothing but a fake video, with the use of CGI.


The TR-3B UFO as seen from the UFO sighting video footage.

Mr. Delonge claims the video is genuine leaked footage of a real UFO. However, the footage actually appeared online back in 2008. Filmed in Paris, many of those who have watched the footage are not convinced by the authentic nature of it.

It was debunked then, and people are debunking it again now.

This is not a good start for the wanna-be truth seeker.

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