UFO Sighting Russia 2017


A mysterious ball of light streaked across the Russian night sky leaving many witnesses terrified. The event, which many believed to be of an alien UFO, shocked local residents.

Many Russian’s were left terrified when they saw a bizarre ‘wiggly tail’ UFO in the skies above them. However, the true cause of panic is far scarier than a visit from an extraterrestrial race.

Thousands of people across the regions of Kazan, Samara, Cheboksary, and Rostov, filmed as they watched helplessly, convinced they were witnessing a UFO sighting.


UFO sightings

Many people in the provenances of Russia took to social media to describe the UFO news what they had witnessed, with many baffled, confused and horrified for what they saw.

Many Russian residents felt worried that the UFO sighting would lead to an alien invasion or alien abductions. However, the truth could be far scarier for the whole of mankind.

Swirling UFO sighting

Swirling UFO sighting from Russia.

UFO sightings 2017

It turns out that the recent UFO sighting in the worlds biggest country was actually the result of a Nuclear test missile that is capable of hitting the United States of America.

No longer is this a cause for concern in the UFO news department, but a concern for humanity as a collective group!

Vladimir Putin gave the orders to launch the nuclear weapon from the Southern Russian testing range of  Kapustin Yar. The Russian Ministry of Defense hailed the launch as a success. However, as the missile fired across the giant European country – before hitting a remote destination in Kazakhstan – it caused chaos and panic in the hearts of many civilians.

Russian nuclear missile

The missile glows as it hurtles through the night sky.

It is understandable, given that no information was released to the general public about the nuclear missile launch, why people confused this with a very strange UFO sighting. As the missile flew across the night sky, many civilians of the European country reported UFO sightings.

A lot of those who witnessed the bizarre object in the sky was convinced it was a UFO. But since then the Russian military defense confirmed the launch.

With increased tension from North Korea, this was likely a demonstration from Putin of power that Russia is capable of.


UFO New 2017

In related UFO news, earlier this month Russian coal miners claimed to have discovered and removed the remains of a ‘crashed UFO’.

In the small town of Volgograd, Southwest Russia, a group of miners excavated a strange disc-shaped object that is claimed to be of alien origin. A possible UFO crash!

UFO found in Russia

Image taken from the YouTube video shows the ‘UFO’ in comparison to one of the miners.

UFO crash

The mining team came across the object 40 meters below the Earths surface. Apparently, the mysterious object was coated in tungsten, which space agencies often use for space-bound machinery.  Tungsten has an extremely high melting point, so is an ideal substance to use on objects that enter and leave the Earths atmosphere and need to deal with the extreme temperatures of doing so.

The supposed spacecraft had a circumference of 1.2 meters and weighs approximately 440 lbs.

This UFO news caused a lot of online confusion, as if coal miners who have spent a lot of their adult lives digging in the ground cannot identify it, then what exactly is it?

Many people theorize there are alien bodies inside the craft, but that is unlikely. Experts understand millstone’s often made similar formations naturally. Therefore, they believe there is nothing extraterrestrial about this.

crash UFO Russia

The ‘crashed UFO’ in Russia shown against the natural rocky background.

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