UFO Sightings Strange Orb Spotted On Google Earth


A strange orb spotted on Google Earth has led many people to believe it is another UFO sightings story. UFO orb sightings viewed by thousands.

UFO hunters went into meltdown when they spotted what they believe to be a UFO orb hovering over the trees in the United States of America.

The mysterious silver-ish sphere was captured on camera floating over the mountains between Vermont and the state of New York.

Many people state that this is nothing more than a raindrop on the lens, but UFO enthusiasts are not convinced and sure the origins of the orb are more extraterrestrial.

A video uploaded to YouTube shows the landscape of Lake George, depicted by Google Earth. As the camera pans around we see a strange hovering orb in the center of the screen.

UFO orb

UFO orb reported to UFO news. Image credit: Express.

The narrator of the video is convinced it is a UFO sighting.

Watch the UFO sightings video below and make up your own mind:

UFO sightings video


A lot of previous UFO sightings reports as UFO news stories have details of witnesses stating they have witnessed orb-like UFO in the sky. It may be that the sphere/orb is the most common design for an alien UFO.

However, despite the convinced nature of the YouTube narrator, many viewers are left unconvinced by this evidence.

Many say that if such an object – which appears to be quite large – was real, then there would have been reports of it by people within the mountain range.


Recent UFO sightings

An alleged UFO crash site that can be seen from Google Earth is being investigated. The truth has been revealed!

Videos and images of a suspected UFO sighting on an island near the Atlantic have caused widespread belief that a UFO has crashed on the remote island.

ufo crash

Alien news: UFO crash site truth revealed!

Using Google Earth to zoom in on South Georgia Island near the South Atlantic, it appears as though a cigar-shaped object has crashed into the mountain and slide across the snow-covered floor.

The images were discovered over the weekend and have quickly been a topic of discussion for alien believers.

It would appear that the currently unidentified object slid across the ground for around 1,000 meters before grinding to a halt.

The mysterious object is within range of the 10,000ft tall mountain called Mount Paget, and some ufologists claim to see damage to the side of the mountain – giving clear evidence that this object was sky born before crashing to earth.

It has often been speculated that the South Atlantic is a secret alien base here on planet earth. So could this be newly found evidence to suggest these claims are true?

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However, Dr. Richard Waller, a professor of physical geography at Keele University, has dismissed claims that this is a UFO crash site.

The geography professor states that this is nothing more than the leftover remains of an avalanche.

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