UFO Sightings Video – UFO’s Flying Past The Moon


A YouTube UFO sightings video shows three UFO’s flying past the moon. Evidence of UFO’s on the moon in rare UFO phenomenon video.

Could this recent UFO footage be the evidence needed to suggest extraterrestrial life on the moon?

YouTube has become a very popular platform to upload alleged images and videos of UFO’s and aliens. There is a countless number of UFO sightings’ videos on the media website that it is difficult to keep count of them all.

However, recently an amateur astronomer has uploaded a new video that appears to show three unknown objects flying between the moon and Earth.

UFO sightings

UFO news: UFO sightings video could prove the existence of alien life on the moon. Sourced: YouTube.

Don’t Stop Motion, the YouTube channel, uploaded the video on April 24th, 2018. The imagery within the UFO sightings video was recorded two days earlier on April 22nd. The amateur astronomer is still unsure what he captured. He argues that they could be helium balloons, space debris, or even alien UFO’s!

The author of the video keeps an open skeptical mind to what is witnessed in the video.

So, watch the UFO footage below:

UFO sightings video

Of course, after millions of people watching the possible alien footage, many theories have sprung up.

As previously mentioned, the possibility of space debris cannot be ruled out, but UFO hunters are convinced that this is real footage of a UFO sighting. They argue that the objects move too fast and in the same direction to be helium balloons of junk flying around in space.

We judge for you to make your own decision after watching the UFO news video story above.


Recent UFO news

Images from UFO sightings taken outside Nellis Air Force Base show a smokey-shaped object in the distance.

 An onlooker, who was photographing the landing airplanes at the Air Force Base, saw the UFO high in the sky and rapidly started shooting it with his camera.

UFO sighting over Air Force Base.

Nellis Air Force Base is located in the south of Nevada in the Las Vegas Valley.

The witness, who cannot be named, took 10 photographs within 15 quick seconds on March 15th, 2017, at 2:16 PM.

At first, he described it as a bright teardrop-shaped object in the sky, which was flying at an altitude of 500 feet, roughly two miles away from his location.

Giving details about the UFO sightings to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), he said that he has a Sony a350 DSLR, 1/2000, ISO 400, f8 shooting spec camera. The witness was minding his own business snapping photographs from outside of the base of the aircraft as they land when he noticed something unusual in the distance.

He goes on to explain that even though he could not see the object very well with his naked eye, he decided to take as many photographs of it as possible. Within 10 to 15 quick seconds of seeing the UFO before it disappeared, the man managed to snap around 10 quick UFO images.

More UFO news

The image is just over two miles away and appeared like a bright light. However, when he got home to zoom in on it, it seemed more smokey.

Admittedly, this is not the best photo of a UFO sighting, due to the camera used. But to this day the object sighted still remains a UFO.

He knew it was not an airplane as he spends a lot of his time photographing U.S military and commercial planes in his spare time. But, as quickly as he saw the UFO it suddenly disappeared after 15 seconds of flying through the airspace of the Nellis AFB.

Nellis AFB

UFO news: Bird’s eye view of Nellis AFB.

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