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The truth about UFO sightings revealed in shocking new alien theory. UFO’s are not what you think they are in new UFO theory.

UFO’s are real and the government knows it! However, a shocking new theory suggests that UFO sightings over the past 70 years are not what we think.

The latest UFO new story suggests that all recent UFO sightings over the past seven decades are actually witnessing reports of top-secret government machines.

Mark Pilkington, an author who has spent many years of his life researching government projects and UFO sightings, claims that US agencies like the CIA are behind some of the biggest UFO reports in history. He goes on to say that the US government are more than happy to allow people to think the UFO crafts are of alien origin as it deflects the focus away from their secret agenda.

UFO news theory

UFO news: New theory about UFO sightings has shocked the alien theorist community! Image credit: Daily Express.

Pilkington states that unidentified flying objects are real, but they are not of another world.

Triangle UFO’s, bizarre lights and mysterious crafts are actually the work of the US government.

The British author says that a top-secret organization that he calls “mirage men” are behind the worlds biggest double bluff.

Mark Pilkington UFO

Mark Pilkington (above) says the US government is behind all the UFO sightings in the past century. Image credit: YouTube.


UFO sightings

Although it is believed that the government has the capability to create such UFO’s – through the use of reverse engineering a crashed UFO – most UFO sightings are thought to still be from an extraterrestrial form of life.

The theory that the US government got their hands on alien technology when a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico has been around for tens of years. However, Mr. Pilkington takes it one step further when he states every UFO sighting within the past century has been at the hands of human technology.

But, Pilkington does say that all the secrecy began in Roswell, 1947.

The Roswell UFO crash incident is one of the biggest unknown and unsolved UFO mysteries to date.

Roswell Daily Record newpaper

A newspaper from Roswell confirms that RAAF got their hands on a crashed UFO.

In July 1947 the US military made an announcement that an alien UFO had crashed near the Roswell Air Force base in New Mexico. However, the next day they retracted the statement. Over the years eyewitness reports have come out stating that alien bodies were recovered at the crash site. Furthermore, the United States authorities hid the existence of alien life from the general public.

This is the author gives an example of the work of the ‘mirage men.

UFO Cover-up

He goes on to say that it was easier for the United States military to disguise their work as alien UFO’s. Instead of letting the world know about their secret plans.

Maybe people are more believing of the idea about UFO’s and alien life than they are for top-secret military operations.

As mentioned previously, Mr. Pilkington is not the first researcher to come into the UFO news spotlight and call out UFO cover-ups, but he is the first to say that every single UFO sighting in recent human history is a UFO cover-up.

UFO spotted in the skies

An elderly couple claims to have seen 30-40 UFOs.

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Alien News

In linking with the UFO news cover-up and Roswell UFO incident, a recent story about the Roswell alien autopsy has brought the matter back into the spotlight.

Even though it was proven that the alien autopsy that fooled the world in 1995 was a fake, there are those who insist it was a remake of an actual dissection.

Roswell Alien Autopsy

Roswell Alien Autopsy is based on actual footage of a real alien autopsy

It has been labeled one of the biggest UFO/alien cover-up conspiracy theories to hit mankind. However, Ray Santilli insists that what he created was based on real footage he had seen.

He claims the footage is real, but he and his team just restored and recreated certain aspects of it.

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