US Air Force UFO Chase over Area 51

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US Air Force UFO chase over Area 51. US Air Force UFO sightings caused a scramble to chase down a mysterious UFO above Area 51.

US Air Force UFO

US Air Force UFO chase over Area 51. Image credit: Disclosure

Mysterious UFO sightings spotted on US Air Force radar caused a UFO chase in the skies above Area 51 until the UFO disappeared.

A bizarre unknown flying object was detected by the US Air Force in the well-monitored space above Oregon state.


UFO sightings

Military personnel say they are unable to determine the origin or destination of the UFO that was detected in the U.S state, as it disappeared without a trace.

The UFO sighting caused a little panic when it first appeared on radar, and a pursuit of fighter jets was sent out to bring down the intruder.

Area 51 is believed by alien conspiracy theorists to be the home to crashes UFO’s and alien bodies.

UFO area 51

Area 51 UFO sighting chased by US Air Force jets.

According to UFO reports, the F-15C fighter jet was launched in response to the UFO sightings.

However, UFO news states that the US jets were unable to chase down the intruding UFO above the airspace of Area 51.

There was no flight plan that had been agreed or allowed to fly over the private is space, and nor could any I.D transponder be tracked to give details of the origin of the UFO.

Reports from the UFO sighting say that air traffic control over the area was having a hard time keeping track of the unidentified object.

A lot of people are shocked that the F-15C jets were unable to track down the UFO, as the fighter-jets are equipped with some of the most advanced tracking and combat systems available. This is why many people believe that object tracked on radar was a UFO sighting.

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US Navy UFO encounters

It was recently reported that the US Navy is tracking UFO sightings beneath the oceans of our world.

A couple of months ago, it was claimed that the U.S Navy encounter UFO sightings in submarines when they are doing routine training.

Marc D’Antonio, an astronomer, was a first-hand witness to a UFO news sighting. He was on board a submarine when a fast-moving object was tracked on radar. He claims that the incident was reported and never spoken of again.

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