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US Navy UFO Encounters. Recorded military recent UFO sightings of USOs. UFO sightings close encounters and cover-ups by US Navy.

A leading astronomer and renowned ufologist claim the US Navy are searching for USO‘s (Unidentified Submerged Objects) in the oceans of our world. Not only has he made these bold claims of UFO encounters. But he also states he has witnessed a UFO sighting first hand!

UFO in the water

Many eyewitnesses have claimed UFO’s have dove down into the ocean.

UFO Sighting

A USO is similar to a UFO, except for being an unidentified flying object, it is an unknown object submerged in water. Essentially they are the same, for the exception of where they are spotted, a UFO sighting and a USO encounter are one of the same.

According to Marc D’Antonio, the United States Navy is operating a top secret programme to discover unidentified submerged objects – USO’s – beneath the surface of the sea.

It is believed the military cover-up of UFO sightings in the ocean prevent a real breakthrough in UFO news.

D’Antonio is an astronomer and an expert video analyst for the global UFO sighting organization MUFON. Not only does D’Antonio claim the US Navy are actively looking for alien UFO below the sea water surface. But he also has first-hand experience of this happening whilst he was on a US submarine.

The ufologist was in the North Atlantic sea with the US Navy when he had his first USO encounter. The astronomer says the craft was detected at ‘several hundred knots‘ – which is physically impossible for a man-made object in the sea.

UFO sightings cover up

Marc also owns a company named FX Models that specializes in special effects, some of his contracts have been with the US Navy. The Navy welcomed him onto a Navy submarine as a thank you for all the work his company does for the Navy.

But, as it would turn out, that would experience something that would rock the UFO news world completely. This UFO sighting would go on to change the remainder of his life.

He says that whilst in the submarine, he sat in the sonar station, with the operator of the sonar equipment sat next to him.

US Navy USO programme

Marc D’Antonio (left) believes the US Navy is actively searching for USO beneath the world’s seas.

D’Antonio was feeling seasick from being in the submarine, so he was not 100% focused on what was going on, when all of a sudden the operator next to him shouts out ‘Fast mover, fast mover!‘ With panic Marc worried that it might be a torpedo. But in actual fact, it was about to be the start of something fascinating.

“The executive officer comes out and the operator shows him the path of the object and the officer says ‘How fast is that going?‘ said D’Antonio.

“And the kid said ‘several hundred knots’. I start to lean forward to listen in – and the officer said ‘Can you confirm it?

D’Antonio went on to say that the officer checked another sonar machine to see if there was a fault. But there was no fault – it was real. The ufologist had just been witness to an unidentified submerged object! Officials documented the recording, but never spoke of it again.


Recent UFO news

Four years had passed since that incredible UFO sighting experience before being able to question a Naval operative about what the US Navy is doing.

When he was contracted to do some more work with the Naval operations, he had the chance to quickly speak with a high naval officer.

Marc asked the officer for information on the Fast Move Programme – the alleged name for the top-secret search for alien crafts in the ocean.

He looked at me and said ‘Sorry Marc I can’t talk about that programme,” Marc explained.

For Marc, this statement is a clear indication that the secret operation to find alien UFO beneath the ocean is real. The officer neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such an operation. He is confident that the occurrence of USO is so high that the military has a programme already in place to document the objects.

unidentified submerged objects

Whilst on board a US submarine, Marc witnessed a USO detected on sonar equipment.

This UFO news is not a new idea. It has been widely documented by witnesses of UFO sightings that the strange crafts have descended into the ocean, never to be seen again. Additionally, many people believe that the leading governments of the world know about the existence of alien life. However, they chose not to inform the public.

With Marc’s background, it is fair to say that his story has credibility. But like so man credible stories regarding UFO news, where is the proof? Until someone shows the world proof of the existence of aliens, UFO sighting stories like Marc’s will just remain stories.

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