Utah dead birds caused by on coming alien attack

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Could the hundreds of Utah dead birds have been caused by aliens on earth in an oncoming UFO attack?

Alien conspirators believe the several hundred Utah dead birds that fell from the skies was the result of a UFO.

Witnesses of the event were left shocked as they said the flock of birds fell from the sky after hitting a “clocked object.

Many residents were left helpless as the circulation of the bizarre event started to pop up on social media and in UFO news stories.

One resident explained, whilst she was driving, that the birds just started to fall out of the sky like leaves from a tree.

Dead birds Utah

Dead birds Utah – image credit: Earth Chronicles

The incident happened across many roads in Utah on Monday 29th, 2018. Currently, the exact nature of the strange situation has not been classified.

However, Sgt Chad Carpenter from the Police Department in Draper City, Utah, says aliens are not responsible. When asked about the fears of a UFO attack Sgt Carpenter replied;

No aliens, no cloaking device.

“No poison, it was just one of those freak things where the birds were just flying along, crashed into the side of a large vehicle and boom.

On the other hand, no reports of a ‘large vehicle’ were apparent in the air zone at the time.


Aliens on earth

One YouTube channel, secureteam10, believes the event was the cause of aliens on earth and that the birds flew into an invisible UFO.

The video claims that the mass death of hundreds of Utah birds was likely the result of an alien attack.

One such problem with the theory that the flock flew into a UFO is that there is no blunt trauma. This would indicate that they did not hit anything mid-air whilst flying.

They hadn’t hit anything in the sky. The trauma we’re talking about is different from them hitting the ground because many of the birds that landed in bushes and things like that had no trauma whatsoever…” said the YouTube channel.

On top of all this, reports state that 17 of the birds are still alive. Officials have safely transported the birds to a medical facility for treatment.


UFO attack

Many believe that the Utah dead birds are just one in a number of bizarre incidents that could indicate an oncoming UFO attack from aliens on earth.

Furthermore, dozens of incidents similar to this began to occur last year. In Saudi Arabia, 358,000 birds were found lifeless. Countless numbers of sea animals have washed up dead on shores all around the world.

And most recently, 170 dolphins died in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil due to a ‘virus’.

Is this just the beginning of a warning sign that we are missing? Is something happening that we are unaware of?

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