UFO Sighting On Google Maps In Bermuda Triangle

An unidentified flying object spotted on Google Maps has ensured a frenzy of online conspiracists who claim the object is an alien UFO. Furthermore, the unknown object was sighted hovering over the Bermuda Triangle.

Google Maps allows internet users to view the world from street level. Most of the time it displays ordinary surroundings of the area.

However, on some occasions, there are bizarre images.

For instance, a sharp-eyed Reddit user alleges to have found definitive proof of an alien UFO. The flying saucer was spotted over a Bermuda Triangle island.

Since posting the discovery the Reddit’s user account has mysteriously deleted. It is not known why the account suddenly vanished.

The aircraft was seen hovering around the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, close to the Discovery Point. Bermuda is well known for its mysterious paranormal activities. Local residents have reported seeing unknown crafts flying in the sky which suddenly disappear.

When posting the shocking UFO sighting, the images were accompanied with the below text;

Google Earth shows solid and clarified proof and evidence of a UFO metal saucer.

UFO sighting Google Maps

An unidentified flying object was spotted on Google Maps flying over an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Image credit.

The object spotted in the Google Maps still screenshot was caught on Hamilton Parish, Bermuda.

It appears to be hovering over the natural body of water in the area. Is the flying object extraterrestrial? Or perhaps, is it part of a top secret government program?

The black UFO has the appearance of many classic reports of unknown flying objects in UFO news stories. The flying saucer is one of the most common types of UFOs. So, could this be definitive proof of an alien craft captured on a Google Earth image?


UFO Bermuda Triangle

You can see the UFO on Google Maps with the coordinates: 32.323628,-64.738612. We have since looked at the coordinates and the unidentified craft is still there. A 360-degree look of the area also displays two people. They seem blissfully unaware of the flying craft behind them.

So, the next step would be to contact the Google Earth department to see what they have to say on the anomaly. As of yet, they remain tight-lipped about the matter.


An alien craft spotted off the coast of a Bermuda island. Image snapped from Google Earth.

People have discovered unexplained aerial phenomenon on Google Maps before. However, most of the time natural events are the explanation. People usually mistake airplanes or helicopters for UFOs. On occasions, witnesses even mistake meteors for alien crafts.

In July of this year, Google Earth displayed an unidentified submerged object off the Greek coast. The USO is roughly 220 feet long. Yet, no one knows exactly what it is.

Moreover, a strange orb spotted on Google Maps was brought to UFO hunters attention in March 2018.

However, an unknown aircraft sighted in the Bermuda Triangle is far more fascinating. People have reported many strange paranormal instances occurring in the area.

The image below demonstrates the three points of the Bermuda Triangle; Miami, Bermuda, and San Juan.

Bermuda Triangle

A world image showing the Bermuda Triangle’s location. Image source.

Airplane pilots and cargo ship drivers have all told strange tales when passing through this mysterious vortex.

Many people have lost their lives in unknown circumstances.

Military U.S fighter pilots have disappeared. People have reported seeing flying objects in the area – some even diving into the ocean.

In early August 2018, Darrell Miklos claimed to have found a spaceship submerged under the Bermuda triangle ocean.


Spaceship discovered in Bermuda Triangle

Mr. Miklos is an explorer and treasure hunter. He recently made claims that he discovered a crashed UFO in the ocean.

Furthermore, the American believes the discovery is proof extraterrestrial life visited Earth thousands of years ago.

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Our Verdict

The Google Map images certainly display a flying object. Closer inspection of this hovering object shows characteristics we would usually associate with a UFO. However, do the Google Maps images display an alien UFO?

This Google Maps UFO sighting has sparked a frenzy. But, it is impossible to know if the object is terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin.

We are unsure if the image is fake. However, as the aircraft is still visible on Google Maps, then there is credibility to it. Having said that, the unidentified craft may be part of a top secret military project. So, our final words are;

  • Yes, the aircraft displayed is by definition an unidentified flying object.
  • It is uncertain if the object is from this planet or another.

Readers can feel free to leave their own verdict in a comment below.

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  • That’s not in the Bermuda Triangle. The Triangle starts at the Southeast corner of Bermuda – the Aquarium is on the north shore.

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