Alien Map Database Of UFO Sightings

An alien database of the latest UFO sightings 2017. The Alien map shows the latest UFO sightings from around the world in 2017.

A compiled alien database of UFO sightings has been put online for you to see if your area has been visited by extraterrestrials!

The new UFO sightings database already has a staggering 83,758 alien visitation entries from around the globe.

Mutual UFO Network, otherwise known as MUFON, is the biggest collector of UFO and alien stories and has put its collective recent stories over the past year or more into one giant alien database.

UFO Stalker allows users to search through thousands upon thousands of UFO sightings and alien visitations from across the world.

Latest UFO sightings

This new database map entry of alien activity allows conspiracy theorists to keep up-to-date with the latest UFO sightings – no matter where they may occur.

Latest UFO sightings

Latest UFO sightings 2017 in Europe.

From Australia to Angola, India to the United States of America, there are reports of extraterrestrial sightings in the furthest reaches of our planet.

The number of reported UFO sightings has already grown by 12% from 2016. On top of this October saw a massive increase of 24% (352 alien reports) in comparison to the previous month.

Every reported bizarre incident or unidentified flying object brings us a little bit closer to unearthing the truth about UFO’s.

The UFO interactive map report showcases a range of mysterious flying orbs, crop circles, alien activity, and even alien abductions.

MUFON take the database seriously, and each UFO sighting report is inspected and carefully analyzed before being put onto the map.

UFO sightings UK

One of the strangers of the UFO sightings happens to come from the United Kingdom. It is a report that involves direct contact with a UFO from an unnamed source in the Cambridge area.

The alien encounter involved being confronted with an alleged 7-foot-tall alien at night.

I get to the common, walk around the small forest area. Then I get this feeling something is coming, so I crouch down.”

The report goes on to say the extraterrestrial walked past the individual in the woods unaware of the human presence. The individual tried to take a photo using a mobile phone but states the camera was no longer working. The alien then disappears right in front of the witness.


Argentinean police captured a real-life alien photograph on their mobile phone. Image credit: Argentinean Federal Police.

Latest UFO sightings

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