UFO Spotted During FIFA World Cup 2018


Residents of the Russian World Cup city Nizhny Novgorod witnessed more than just World Cup football. Onlookers were in for a treat when they saw a UFO streak across the night sky on Sunday.

Many of those who had viewed the bizarre UFO sighting believed it was of extraterrestrial origin.

The images of the then suspected UFO have been picked up by many UFO news outlets. The story of an alien craft being spotted during the 2018 FIFA World Cup would be huge! However, although the object was not known by locals at the time, the origins of the flying object are quite terrestrial.

This bizarre UFO light streaked through the night sky and could be seen from Kazan to Nizhny Novgorod, which is where England play Panama on the 24th June.

ufo russia world cup

Onlookers believed they witnessed a UFO sighting during this years FIFA World Cup in Russia. Sourced: Express.

Bystanders to the event took to social media convinced the unidentified flying object was alien.

Watch the UFO sightings video below from the Metro YouTube channel.

UFO Sightings World Cup Kazan

Although the images could easily be confused as an alien UFO this is not the case.

Governing space officials from Russia confirmed the object viewed as a UFO sighting was nothing more than the Soyuz 2.1.b rocket.

At 21:46 (GMT) the rocked launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The rocked contains a satellite which was being sent into space to improve Russia’s navigation systems.

This is not the first time a launched Russian rocket has caused panic amidst locals. From our archives of UFO sightings 2017, a similar rocked launched caused UFO news stories to speak of UFO sightings.

Russian nuclear missile

The missile glows as it hurtles through the night sky.

Looking at the above image it is easy to confuse this with an alien invasion, however, if you see something like this flying through the night sky, it is likely to be a meteor or a rocket satellite launch.


Recent UFO Sightings

The Roswell UFO incident of 1947 is probably one of the most famous UFO cases in recent history. The reported alien spacecraft had crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico and was even confirmed by the RAAF Military base! However, shortly after the confirmation was rescinded.

This led to the conspiracy theory of an alien cover-up.

But, with that to one side, UFO hunters and truth seekers have the chance to visit the famous UFO crash site of Roswell.

UFO Roswell

Roswell UFO crash site. Sourced from: TodaysUFOVideoes

In over 70 years since the UFO crash, this is the first time the general public will be allowed near and on the alleged crash site.

Recent UFO News

For more information about tickets for the Roswell UFO crash site tour click here.

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