UFO Spotted In Falcon Heavy Launch

UFO Sightings

Thousands claim to have spotted a UFO sighting in Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy launch. UFO video footage to prove it.

The launch was described as a “game changer”, as millions of people tuned in worldwide to see the historic rocket take off.

Many witnesses claim to have seen something very strange during the launching of the new SpaceX – Falcon Heavy rocket. A lot of those people already jumping to the conclusions that it was aliens in UFO’s!

However, others say that the object seen in the live video footage is nothing more than an orbiting Earth satellite.

It does seem that Elon Musk’s rocket launch brings about an array of UFO news related stories.

UFO falcon heavy launch

UFO spotted in the Falcon Heavy launch.

The latest of Musk’s launches propelled a car into space with a dummy astronaut sitting in the driving seat. There are cameras fixed at various points to the car which provide live video feed back here on Earth. And it was this video footage that many people viewed to claim a UFO was spotted during the Falcon Heavy launch.

See the UFO video footage below and decide for yourself:

UFO Spotted During SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

The car belonged to Musk himself and is part of a mission to help put a man on Mars. It is currently on course for the red planet.

The rocket was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Do you believe this is a real alien UFO? Or is it nothing more than floating space debris.

We’d love to know what you think. So, please leave your thoughts in a comment below.



Towards the end of last year, another of the SpaceX launches caused panic and confusion as many on lookers fear for an alien invasion by UFOs.

The UFO SpaceX launch soared across the LA skies, with many convinced that the origin of the brightly burning light was from an alien UFO.

UFO sightings in LA

UFO sightings in LA cause widespread panic. UFO News.

However, the origin of the UFO sightings was the result of another rocket being sent up into space. It contained satellites that would (and are now) orbit the earth.

Elon Musk is a firm believer in extraterrestrial life, so maybe this is the reason why so many people are convinced there must be an alien origin to the launchings.

Will the truth about alien life and UFOs ever be revealed?


UFO news

Although Musk and Space X took the credit, many still feel convinced that aliens had a hand in it.

They point to a picture of a 1937 Vancouver UFO sighting and compare the similarities between the old photo and the images of the UFO SpaceX launch.

As you can see from the images below, there is a resemblance between the two images.


(left) 1937 Vancouver UFO sighting. (right) LA SpaceX launch that caused UFO panic.

However, despite many people believing the left black and white images is of a UFO, others point to this being a simple watermark or smudge on the image.

And as for the LA SpaceX launch which caused a UFO panic, we know now it was not a UFO at all.

So, can these incidents actually be proof of UFOs and aliens? No.

We would love to know what you think about all of this. So, please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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